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500e Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani and Fiat have joined forces to create what could be the best expression of “Made in Italy” on 4 wheels: the 500e Giorgio Armani.
Representing Italian design, style and craftsmanship, the new 500e Giorgio Armani stands out with the “GA” logo on the wheels and seats, while the Italian designer's signature appears on the dashboard, the interior of the doors and the rear window.
Available in two unique and exclusive colors, Dark Green and Ceramic Greige, the exterior design of the 500e Giorgio Armani aims to reduce contrasts and decorations to achieve a more monochromatic effect: pure, essential and in line with Armani's style. Stay tuned.

Discover the future of Fiat together with Olivier Francois, from Ginevra - Italy

FIAT’s New Global Game

In a constantly changing global mobility market, there are those who dream about a better future and those who take concrete steps towards a more sustainable and responsible tomorrow. FIAT has proved that the future is already here with the unveiling of its new family of Panda-inspired concepts.

Fiat key drivers

Seeing you driving our vehicle every day is a great joy for us. But our main objective is, first and foremost, to provide you with a unique, comfortable, fun and safe driving experience. 

Casa Fiat 

Casa FIAT, now open to the public, tells the story of the brand intertwined with the history of Lingotto, the legendary factory that still inspires its myth between modernity and innovation. Casa FIAT is an exhibition project realised by Pinacoteca Agnelli in collaboration with FIAT, and can be visited on the roof of Lingotto.


Italian symbol

Since its foundation, Fiat has brought the Italian touch and the dolce vita style to people's life. This was reflected in all its models, but one stood out more than the others, the 500. Known for its simplicity and its unique style, the 500 won the hearts of everyone around the world - becoming, over the years, a symbol of Italianity.

Fiat Nuova 500 (1957)
Italianness symbol

Fiat icon and Italian symbol throughout the world, the 500 was born in 1957, immediately succeeding for combining elegant and simple design with functionality. The model still attracts a lot of attention today, and is available in its electric version

Fiat Nuova 500 (1957)
The engine and its name

If you didn't know, the model's name comes from its air-cooled twin-cylinder
engine positioned at the rear. Unprecedented for the time and with a of 13
horsepower, the engine's initial displacement was 479 cc - 500 cc nominal, giving rise to the name of this small Italian icon.

Fiat 500 (2007)
The Renaissance

After years without being produced, the 500 returns with reinforced
elegance and style in 2007. To celebrate the 50° anniversary of its most iconic model, Fiat created a more modern version of the 500, maintaining the flair of its original look, but bringing modern touches to reflect 21st century modernity.

Fiat New 500 (2020)
A history and growth that never stops!

Fiat has become known worldwide for knowing how to interpret and create innovative and stylish solutions for people. In 2020 Fiat launched the 500 Hybrid, taking big steps into the future - and getting there in 2022, with the launch of the New 500e, a 100% electric upgraded version of the model.

You don't need to set foot in Italy to experience dolce vita. Just get into a Fiat!

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