Performances and safety

Peace of mind and simplicity: the Fiat Tipo 5Door is equipped with some of the latest safety systems, as standard. As well as 6 airbags and the ESC system with Hill Holder, it includes ABS (anti-lock braking system) complete with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), fog lights with cornering function and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Fiat Tipo 5Door - Safety

The Fiat Tipo 5Door has 6 airbags, including front, window-bags and side-bags, to guarantee you the maximum protection on every trip you make.

Fiat Tipo 5Door - Airbags

The highest levels of active safety and perfect control during braking in emergencies or on slippery surfaces, thanks to the sophisticated ESC stability control system. The system includes ASR/MSR (Anti-Slipping Regulation and engine drag torque control), PBA (Pre-Collision Brake Assist), TSC (Trailer Sway Control), HSA (Hill Holder), ERM (Electronic Rollover Mitigation) and TCS Traction Control System).​

Fiat Tipo 5Door ESC

The Tipo 5Door is equipped with Full Brake Control, a vehicle radar system that detects potential collisions and activates the braking system.

Fiat Tipo 5Door, Full Brake Control

The front radar system on the Tipo Station Wagon reads the distance from the vehicle in front and corrects it if you're too close.

Fiat Tipo 5Door, Adaptive Cruise Control

Set a speed limit for your Tipo 5Door, and the system will make sure you don't exceed it.

Fiat Tipo 5Door Speed Limiter

The ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) system uses the brakes and engine control to optimise the Fiat Tipo 5Door's traction at any speed, even on low-grip road surfaces.

Fiat Tipo 5Door ASR

The Hill Holder assists the driver with hill starts by holding the brake on for about 2 seconds, making it easier to pull away again, with no need for braking inputs from the driver.

Fiat Tipo 5Door - Hill Holder

Thanks to extensive use of high-strength steels (about 80% of the total) and structural adhesives, the Fiat Tipo 5Door has a rigid, lightweight unibody chassis. The overall result is excellent handling and impressive collision resistance, combined with lighter weight.

Fiat Tipo 5Door - Chassis

With independent MacPherson strut suspension up front and a torsion beam with lateral force control at the rear, the Fiat Tipo 5Door offers a reliable, lightweight and efficient combination. The Frequency Dependent shock absorbers filter out bumps more effectively and reduce roll when cornering.

Fiat Tipo hatchback - McPherson suspension

With the Tipo 5Door even the tightest manoeuvre is quick and easy thanks to the record-breaking turning circle, of less than 11 metres.

Fiat Tipo 5Door - Bluetooth radio
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