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SUV or Crossover? Find the model that best suits your

Are you looking for a big car, but not sure whether to choose a SUV or Crossover?
Today there are more and more models on the market, with increasingly high-performance on-board features. This is why SUVs and Crossovers have become one of the fastest growing segments over the past few years.
However, there’s often a bit of confusion between the two different types of car, also because they appear to have very similar characteristics. But, in reality, the only thing they really have in common, which often confuses buyers, is their height, as they are actually quite different in many ways, starting from the structure and the mechanical parts.
By carefully evaluating all the key features (including optional extras, consumption, traction, size and fuel supply), you will be able to work out which version is best for you.
So let's try to shed light on these two different cars, to avoid any confusion and to understand which car best suits your lifestyle.

All Fiat models

Fiat offers various types of SUV and Crossover cars, all in iconic and appealing styles, specifically designed for enhanced urban mobility. You can put your style to the test in the 500X Urban or jump on board the new 500X Cross, the 4x4 SUV that’s perfect for tackling any route. Or you can go for a Panda Cross, a compact and practical SUV. In the Crossover category, Fiat offers the New Fiat 500L Cross, a crossover with a sporty look; the New 500X Cross Mirror, a new special version of the compact crossover, and the New Fiat 500L S-Design, an elegant car enriched with top-level features.

SUVs and Crossovers, similar but different

Let’s try and clear up any possible misconceptions about SUVs and Crossovers. In fact, many people confuse SUVs with crossovers and sometimes even think they are the same type of car. However, the difference between a SUV and crossover is actually quite noticeable. Starting from the handling, a Crossover is much easier because it has a smaller footprint in terms of height and length and a lower weight, making it much easier to drive in the city. In fact, the SUV and Crossover, are driven in extremely different ways. This difference is linked to factors, like the type of 4x4 traction and the distribution of the weight inside the vehicle. With SUVs, the engine and gearbox are arranged at a 90 degree angle in front of the rear axle of the car, making the front of the car much heavier than the rear.
The bodywork and mechanics are also decidedly different. This crossing of different features from different types of car, typical of the Crossover, makes the car much better in terms of versatility.
Many Compact SUVs belong to the Crossover category. These mini-SUVs feature four-wheel drive but often use 2WD traction. Moreover, they have a lot less optional extras than traditional SUVs.

SUV and Crossovers: two names, a guarantee

To decide which car suits your style the most, you need to know the difference between a SUV and a Crossover. The SUV is the big car par excellence and is very similar to an off-road vehicle or station wagon. It’s an extremely powerful, tall and spacious vehicle, with a performance that is superior to an ordinary sedan.
But what does "SUV" actually mean? SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, this is because, due to its appearance, the SUV, is often compared to an off-road vehicle, even though the only thing they actually have in common are the raised driving position and the four-wheel drive. Meanwhile, Crossovers are an intermediate category, between a MPV and a station wagon. It’s a car that always features a raised driving position, perfect for people who love driving on extra-urban roads. It’s smaller than a SUV but has an equally powerful engine. It doesn’t always have four-wheel drive, although, for some time now, this is quite a common feature on many of the new generation vehicles.
Comparing a SUV with a Crossover, analysing the performance and available budget is essential for understanding which car you should buy.

500X Cross e City Cross

500X Cross and City Cross

The 4x4 SUV is suitable for any route. Compact, with off-road details, the 500X Cross and City Cross are optimised for maximum off-road agility, making them ideal for a small family. The spacious interior with refined leather upholstery, exclusive finishes and comfortable seats will make you feel at home. Top-of-the-range luggage compartment, from 350 up to 1000 litres.

500X Urban

500X Urban

A state-of-the-art compact SUV. With 5 comfortable seats and a spacious, practical interior, the 500X Urban is the ideal choice for families, especially if you’re looking for the advantages of a SUV, combined with a metropolitan spirit, contemporary design and interiors with exclusive finishes. The first-class comfort of the driver's seat, the extremely versatile interior and leading-edge technology make this the perfect family-friendly SUV.

500L Cross

500L Cross

A compact, highly functional and surprisingly spacious crossover. With its fun and adventurous personality, the 500L Cross is ready to make room for your family and friends. 5 comfortable seats, handy technology, 3.17 cubic meters of living space and a length of 4.20 metres, all packed into a car that allows you to follow your passions, even off-road.

Panda City Cross

Panda City Cross

A city SUV, with two engines, a restyled look and the same boldness as ever. Black, cross-style grille with body-coloured Skid Plates, mudguards joined by protection and coordinated sidebands, that perfectly offset the Cross badge. The exclusive hubcaps complete the authentic crossover look.

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