Minimum fuel consumption, maximum fun: with the new Panda you’ll enjoy your journeys at their best. Choose your power.


    The Hybrid,1.0 GSE 70CV engine available on the Panda range lets you drive and move in a much more convenient and eco-friendly way: not only does it cut CO2 emissions up to 30%* , but it also grants access to LTZs, benefits for parking areas and tax exemptions**. Today, saving money and respecting the environment is easier, with the Panda range.

    *According to NDc2 homologation

    **According to local legislation.


    New entry in the Panda Family, the 1.2 LPG E6D-Final engine with S&S completes MY2021 Eco Offer. Available on the whole range, LPG engine allows you to respect the environment,reducing CO2 emissions and saving on fuel costs. And if you love bold experiences, don’t worry: LPG E6D-Final engine is available on the whole range, New Panda Cross included.
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