New Panda
Connected by Wind

With integrated Wi-Fi and 50GB per month,
connect up to 15 devices simultaneously.


Fiat Panda becomes Wi-Fi: always connected with your passions!

The ingredients for a fantastic journey? They're all inside the new Panda Connected by Wind. You will find inside your car the “WINDPACK”, with a rechargeable SIM with 50 GB per month included for one year, a ‘Linkzone 4G’ Wi-Fi router and a coupon with exclusive offers, for your smartphone and for your home.
Thanks to the Wi-Fi router you will connect up to 15 devices at once and allow all to be “always on” on the different online platforms, in the car, at home or on holiday.

Engine, lights, action!

The Panda Uconnectapp, makes getting around the city even more fun. Take your photos and videos directly from your mobile phone in the cradle and share them on all social media with Wind.

Leave nothing behind

With the Panda Uconnect app and its Object reminder, you always have a friend to remind you what you need. Before leaving the car, you'll receive a smartphone notification so you won't forget anything inside.

Mopar®: a perfect assistant

With Mopar® Connect, you always have help on hand if you need it. And thanks to MY:CAR, MY:ASSISTANT and MY:REMOTE Control Service, you can remotely control your car, where you parked it, and receive live fuel level and tyre pressure information. All directly on your smartphone.

New Hybrid Engine

Drive into a world of benefits with the Panda’s new hybrid engine.​
New Hybrid Engine


The Panda’s new Hybrid technology makes it more economical, reducing fuel consumption by up to 30%*, and also ‘greener’, protecting the environment by slashing CO2 emissions. It also benefits from financial advantages for hybrid vehicles such as tax reductions, access to LTZs and parking discounts.

*According to NDc2 homologation



The E-Assist function enables the electric engine to assist acceleration. 

With the E-Coasting and E-Breaking functions you don't need to recharge the lithium battery. It will recharge itself during deceleration and braking.

Also, the Extended Start & Stop function switches off the engine below 30km/h, saving on fuel consumption*.

*According to NDc2 homologation


The cluster on the Panda Hybrid lets you keep a constant eye on all the car information to make the most of the hybrid engine and the battery charge level. You will also receive recommendations about when to shift gear and when the car is driving in Neutral (which means without fuel consumption, under 30 km/h).

The cluster also clearly shows when the battery is charging and accumulating energy, so you can keep constant tabs on the status of the battery and energy flows,

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