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With the 500 and 500X, you can live FIAT's “Dolcevita”, the perfect combination of electrification, iconic style and a unique open-air experience

  • The ultimate expression of the Italian dolce vita, the new special edition combines the three ingredients of the “Dolcevita”: an electrified, open-air driving experience aboard the iconic Fiat 500 and 500X.
  • Only hybrid motors for the iconic style of 500 and 500X: in perfect harmony with nature, just as driving “open air” is the best way to travel and to enjoy a lighthearted Italian lifestyle.

The new “Dolcevita” special edition debuts today on Fiat 500 and 500X. The ultimate expression of the Italian dolce vita combines the electrification of hybrid engines with open-air driving, to travel surrounded by nature. After all, with the arrival of the good weather comes joie-de-vivre and the freedom to travel, which make us want to get away from it all in the spirit of elegance and Italian style.

Today, the same joyous and glamorous spirit inhabits the new “Dolcevita” special edition of the 500 and 500X. The perfect combination of the iconic design of the Fiat 500, the electrified powerplants and the lighthearted Italian lifestyle is expressed by the cabrio and soft-top versions of the two models. Hence, the manifesto of the New Italian Dolcevita according to FIAT: a unique life and driving experience.

The special edition collection, which has been introduced over recent years, gets expanded. With these unique vehicles, FIAT has explored unchartered territories for a city car, from fashion to luxury yachting, technology, and historic ones. Moreover, the special editions are one of the keys to the success of the brand’s prize jewel—an authentic icon of the Italian dolce vita which evolves over time while maintaining its identity and relevance for the future of urban driving.

An ode to lightheartedness and open-air driving, the “Dolcevita” special edition couldn’t help but be 100% electrified, as demonstrated by the hybrid motors — 48 volt 1.5 T4 130 HP DCT for the 500X and the 1.0 70 HP MT for the 500. Both are equipped with state-of-the-art hybrid technology which is not only environment-friendly and affordable due its low maintenance costs, but is, first and foremost, simple and made with people in mind.

The “Dolcevita” 500X Special Edition

This vehicle stands out for its fine Gelato White exterior livery which is exclusively paired with an Ivory-colored soft-top capote. Designed to keep the trunk space unaltered, the elegant soft-top opens in a few seconds and with a single push of a button. Finishing off this refined “outfit”, there are fine chrome and satin details — on the front grid, fog light bezel and the mirror caps — 18” alloy wheels with grey details and the “Dolcevita” logo elegantly written italics.
In the interiors, the Ivory-colored Soft Touch seats stand out with their piping and white “500” logos. The driver’s seat includes electric commands. The white dashboard and the chrome shifter knob are making this news special edition even more exclusive. The standard equipment includes rain and dusk sensors, a rear camera and the 7” Uconnect infotainment system which comes complete with a navigator, radio DAB, Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM.
The 500X “Dolcevita” special edition is equipped with the 48V T4 130 HP DCT system which combines the next generation FireFly engine—a 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder gas engine capable of supplying up to 130 HP with a torque of 240Nm—and the 48 Volt and 15 KW e-motor located in the new automatic, 7-speed dual clutch transmission which improves the dynamics and efficiency of the vehicle and even allows you to travel with the combustion engine off.

The “Dolcevita” 500 Special Edition

Only available in the Cabrio version, the new vehicle includes the Gelato White livery matched with the Beige capote. The mirror caps are chromed while the 16” alloy wheels are black diamond cut. To elegantly cap it off, the logo “Dolcevita” is written in italics.
The interiors become even more elegant with the Ivory seats with Frau leather inserts and white 500 logos, the wooden dashboard fascia, the leather shifter knob, the 50/50 double rear seats, and the specific floor mats with white borders.
The standard equipment includes the TFT 7” infotainment system which comes complete with a navigation system. Plus, the “Dolcevita” 500 special edition exclusively provides the Hybrid 70 HP MT engine which offers an enjoyable and comfortable driving experience, in addition to reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Its secret lies in its synergetic pairing of the innovative 1-liter, 3-cylinder engine of the FireFly family, which supplies 70 HP (51.5 kW), to a 12 volt BSG (Belt Integrated Starter Generator) motor and a lithium-ion battery—an efficient, compact, and light combination of hybrid power.

Turin, April 27, 2022

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