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05 July 2017

The Fiat short dedicated to 500 Anniversario garnered one million views in less than 24 hours

One million views for the Fiat 500 Anniversario tribute video

It has just gone live on YouTube and it is already a hit. "See you in the future", Fiat's first short which celebrates the 60 years of the Fiat 500, has just surpassed one million views in less than twenty-four hours and can be seen by following this link.

After the extraordinary debut of the tribute video, which was watched in preview on all TV channels by more than 11 million viewers in Italy, the film featuring Adrien Brody landed on the most important web video platform and attracted plenty of attention.

Starring next to the Oscar winner actor from New York is the Fiat 500 of yesterday and today on the backdrop of Milan. The city, which has always been the capital of beauty, fashion and design, is capable of conveying timeless allure and telling a story playing between past and present which even at the end does not solve the doubt of what is real and what is instead a dream.

The great little Fiat has always been much more than just a car and today has thousands of admirers also among Millennials and netizens in Italy and worldwide becoming a global icon more than ever.

NB: please be informed that this video will be available exclusively on the FCA channels, as FCA is the sole rights holder entity and will be visible in the following countries solely: France, Germany, Italy, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, Poland and Portugal.
Users are not allowed to upload and/or share this video outside the above FCA channels and/or countries; link sharing of the uploaded video is permitted exclusively through the FIAT YouTube channel. 


Turin, 5 July 2017

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