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05 July 2017

The complete version of the Fiat 500 film, starring Adrien Brody reaches the web for a romantic tribute to Fiat 500.

Fiat 500 Anniversario tribute video starring Adrien Brody
  • After premiering yesterday evening on Italian TVs, the four-minute extended version of the "See you in the future" video tribute, which celebrates the sixty years of the 500, can be seen on YouTube, following this link and on all Fiat website home pages.
  • Almost 11 million Italians watched the TV preview last night and the film captured an extraordinary share of viewers.
  • Oscar-winner Adrien Brody returns to a role which captures his timeless appeal: his interpretation persuaded over the audience of Roman Polanski's "The Pianist", Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" and Wes Anderson's "Grand Budapest Hotel".
  • The film is directed by Ago Panini and produced by Movie Magic, with the Italian actress Anna Manuelli.


Oscar-winner Adrien Brody is back on board the Fiat icon in the new international advertising campaign celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. The short, on which the advertisement of the Fiat 500 Anniversary special series will be based, premiered on the birthday of 500, which was first launched on July 4, 1957. After airing on all Italian major TV channels all evening long, the four-minute extended version landed on YouTube and on the Fiat website home pages. Follow this link to watch it.


The short is set in 60s Milan, the city par excellence for style and Italian design, which is evoked by many elements that accompany the opening credits. The clothes of the passers-by around the Cathedral are unmistakable, as are the objects that guide the camera into the protagonist's home: details that take viewers straight back to the Dolce Vita years.


One of these is the record player, playing "Come prima" sung by Mario Lanza, to which Adrien Brody dozes off. After a fade to black, the protagonist leaves the house and walks past his period Fiat 500, running his eyes lovingly over its iconic silhouette. Once through the front door, he feels that something is not quite right as the sixties have turned into the present day. This contrast is the leitmotif of the film, and it also features in the meeting with the female protagonist, Italian actress Anna Manuelli; she is wearing a vintage dress, but drives a Fiat 500 Anniversary. The actor is struck by the lines of the car with its new Riviera Green livery, and viewers can appreciate the historical Fiat logos, the vintage 16" alloy wheels and the chrome plated mirror caps, while the girl takes the key from the 500 Anniversary and invites him to get in.
The two young people enjoy a day in Milan together in the new Fiat 500 Anniversary, in a mix of past and present, with a few small misunderstandings to underline the fact that they come from different eras. However, they share the same love for the Fiat 500, the icon that unites the generations with its style and timeless coolness. The short movie ends as Adrien Brody returns home. "See you again in the future, I hope", he whispers. The final shot returns to the sofa and shows the actor waking up, leaving unsure about the distinction between past and present, and between dream and reality.


His only certainty is the 500 heritage and the 500 Anniversary, the protagonists of the campaign and icons of a timeless love story. The final comparison between the 500 and the new special series, provides the common thread between the Dolce Vita era and the present day, and is a fitting way to celebrate 60 years of being "forever young".


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Turin, 5 July 2017 

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