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18 June 2019

The 500 Family Hits Three Million Sales in Europe

This is just the latest record of the extraordinary line-up that includes the 500, the 500L and the 500X and which is constantly growing and evolving to satisfy an increasingly diverse clientele in terms of age, tastes and mobility needs

The three millionth car of the 500 family to be sold in Europe was a new and exclusive Fiat 500C Star. It set yet another record for the successful line-up that has won over the public with the iconic 500, the urban car for customers seeking style and mobility, the versatile 500L, ideal for young families, and the 500X, the all-Italian crossover with which to enjoy daily metropolitan adventures. The success of the 500 family is international. Interestingly, 62% of all sales are outside Italy, which is still the largest market followed by UK, France, Germany and Spain.

The record-breaking 500 is a convertible sporting a Stella White livery embellished with pink hues that perfectly matches the exclusive new black and white sand interiors and the elegant Matelassé finish with eco-leather details and burgundy embroidered 500 logo.

One of the secrets of its success is its ability to explore new territories, creating a family of cars which are very different in terms of vocation, shape and personality but that all share the same, unmistakable Fiat 500 mould. Symbol of Italian manufacturing and recognised worldwide as the expression of style, continuous innovation and premium quality, the Fiat 500 has broken the traditional rules of its market, demonstrating that a small city car can become a global triumph and spawn a family of fun, accessible cars to maximise freedom of choice and use. Today, the Fiat 500 is making another leap forward with the introduction of important updates, like the two new top-of-range versions Star and Rockstar.

In the spotlight is also the New 500X, which was completely refreshed last September to continue playing a leading role. The model has been firm segment leader in Italy and permanently in the top 10 in Europe since it was launched in 2014. Pride of Italian car manufacturing, the new Fiat 500X blends timeless style and design with innovative technology able to satisfy the very latest mobility needs. Not by chance, it was the first Fiat to fit the new, efficient and innovative FireFly Turbo 1.0 and FireFly Turbo 1.3 engines that represent FCA's most recent technological record in the motoring field.

The comfortable 500L, which is the ideal answer to the needs of modern families, completes the 500 family. Refreshed in 2017, it is a model that perfectly embraces the 'Cool & Capable' concept by combining iconic 500 style and supremely functional Italian design. What is its secret? To be even more spacious, more technological and packed with personality.

Turin, 18 June 2019
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