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21 May 2019

Sting and Shaggy "launch" the new top-of-range 500 Star and 500 Rockstar from space

  • The advert dedicated to the Star and the Rockstar, the top-of-the-range versions of the new 500 line-up, is on-air featuring two iconic musicians Sting and Shaggy. (YouTube link)
  • Their single Just One Lifetime, off their Grammy Award winning album, 44/876, is the soundtrack of a chase between the stylish 500 Star and the bold 500 Rockstar through the sunny streets of Barcelona to a mysterious destination.
  • Customers who purchase the new versions of the new 500 range will receive up to six months of Apple Music free of charge to listen to over 50 million tracks in streaming with no adverts.

Irresistible music, dreamlike atmospheres and games of seduction. These are the ingredients of the communication project, celebrating 120 years of the Fiat brand, kicked off in Geneva featuring Sting and Shaggy and their single Just One Lifetime from their 2019 Grammy Award winning album 44/876. After the success of the first advert dedicated to the 500 "120th" family, today the three key elements - music, dreams and seduction - are back with a different balance in the new advert that accompanies the launch of the new top-of-the-range versions 500 Star and 500 Rockstar.

The advert starts with the young woman who starred in the first commercial, also featuring Sting and Shaggy getting into her smart and stylish 500 Star. Driving through the sunny streets of Barcelona she chooses their song Just One Lifetime on Apple CarPlay from the extraordinary Apple Music* catalogue that offers over 50 million songs in streaming without ads to be enjoyed with the best listening quality of the BeatsAudio** premium sound system. Incidentally, customers will have up to six months of Apple Music free when they purchase a new Star or Rockstar.

While the music is playing in the car, she receives an invitation from a friend to hook up. To listen to the message, she uses Apple CarPlay, the smartest and safest way to use an iPhone at the steering wheel fully exploiting from all its functionality via the built-in display of the car. Not by chance, the 500 Star and the 500 Rockstar fit Uconnect 7" HD LIVE touchscreen, which is Apple CarPlay-ready and Android AutoTM-compatible.

She is about to reply when in the rearview mirror she spots her friend at the wheel of a bold 500 Rockstar, the sportier version of the model. They start a seductive pursuit through the streets and then on the bends of the hills. The music becomes more prominent and the twosome are so engaged in driving that they do not realise that they passed Sting and Shaggy chatting on the curb.

Shortly afterwards, while the sun is setting on the horizon, the couple reach an astronomical observatory on the top of the hill. Once inside, she approaches the telescope and is amazed to see our music "stars" Sting and Shaggy as astronauts floating in space. The night, the dreamlike atmosphere and the irony of the two artists are back, tottering again between dreams and reality.

What is real is the launch of the new Fiat 500 line-up, which today is being complemented by the two new top-of-range versions, Star and Rockstar, which are more stylish and sportier and at the same time.

The advert, created by the Leo Burnet Creative Agency with media planning by Starcom, was filmed on location in Barcelona. Sting and Shaggy's single Just one lifetime is an integral part of the exclusive "120 Years of Songs" playlist created on AppleMusic to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Fiat through 120 songs of different countries and ages, including the soundtrack of some of Fiat's most successful advertising campaigns, like Freedom by Pharrell Williams, On An Evening in Roma by Michael Bublé and Dynamite by Nicky Blitz.

**New Apple Music subscribers will receive six months free. Buyers already subscribed to Apple Music will receive three months free. The regulation is available on**BeatsAudio is available on request.

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