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17 September 2019

Fiat Panda Trussardi, the first "luxury Panda”

  • Panda Trussardi sets a new record in the long history of the car with the first "luxury Panda".
  • A new Matt Caffè Italiano Brown livery with contrasting black accents is making its first appearance on the Trussardi special edition which is developed on the Cross base.
  • Inside is a premium lounge with featuring materials, original nuances and the inimitable sartorial touch of Trussardi on seat belts, steering wheel and upholstery.
  • Panda Trussardi is a luxurious, democratic master key on four wheels, perfect for heading to the gym or to the theatre, in cities, on the beach or in the mountains with the whole family.
  • It is also available with all-wheel drive to get out of town and be ready for anything.
  • Ava Max stars in the new launch campaign of the Panda Trussardi that rewrites the rules of automotive communication adopting an approach more akin to that of the fashion industry.
  • Fiat Panda, of which more than 7.5 million units have been sold, has been the leader in its segment in Europe since 2003. It was also the best grower in the segment in the first half of 2019 and with the Trussardi special edition is adding exclusive coolness to its famed functionality.

Fiat Panda Trussardi, the first luxury Panda to spring from the partnership between two brands that made history in their respective industries, bringing the best of Italian manufacturing in the world, is debuting today and kicking off the first co-branding operation involving Fiat Panda and a fashion house. True to the functional and cool qualities that have driven it to win the hearts of the general public and proudly tread the streets of Europe, today Fiat Panda is wearing the urban city style of Trussardi.

"Panda can boast 39 years of success and has been the most popular car in Italy for six years. It has been the best-selling city car in Europe since 2003. 7.5 million units have been sold, of which five million of which are still on the road," said Olivier François, President Fiat Brand Global. "It is also a record-breaker. It was the first 4WD city car, the first small car to fit an automatic transmission, the first urban SUV and the first car to climb Mount Everest. Today, we have the first 'luxury Panda', the Panda Trussardi".
"Trussardi has always communicated a lifestyle and important values that tell a story of inclusive versatility", commented Tomaso Trussardi, Chairman Trussardi. "This is why our Fiat Panda is wearing the Trussardi style and turning itself into a contemporary and functional car with great attention to detail", he added.

Trussardi started with leather goods and gloves, developing into a lifestyle brand over time. It was the first fashion brand to take ready-to-wear fashion shows to the city streets and squares to reach out to the general public, who the same people that have always chosen Fiat as their perfect mobility solution. Panda Trussardi was created not unlike a go-to garment, perfect for all occasions and at ease in any situation. It is the ideal choice for customers seeking an exclusive city car or a travel mate capable of responding to the needs of space and mobility of families. It comes with a brilliant 85 hp TwinAir 0.9-litre petrol engine, with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, or with the 69 hp 1.2-litre engine.

Panda treads the catwalk and reaches out to new targets
Panda is the model chosen to wear Trussardi. The Cross body, designed for off-road adventure with a touch of style, a must for taking on off-road trails and daily challenges alike, was chosen.
Panda is the best-selling Fiat ever and in its almost 40 years of history has been able to interpret the tastes and desires of the general public, even anticipating their needs. The first Panda 4x4 was launched more than 35 years ago. It was the first all-wheel-drive city car capable of going anywhere. It set one of the many records of Panda to make the smartest solutions, which simplify and improve life at the wheel, affordable for all. And today is doing the same interpreting the unique style of Trussardi. The Panda Cross offers the technical solutions, performance and the exclusivity of an SUV with the external dimensions and agility of a city car. In short, Panda Cross 4x4 is cross-purpose and equipped to overcome every obstacle and respond to all mobility needs. Outfitted by Trussardi, it is now ready to tread the catwalk with confidence. It is not only 4WD. Panda Trussardi is also City Cross bringing together a cool off-road look and all the accessibility typical of a 4x2 useful to escape from the urban routine. In other words, Panda is increasingly cross-purpose and, thanks to its adaptable personality, ready to addresses new targets. From off-roading to maximum connectivity, the leader in its segment continues to explore new territories through special edition capable of expressing its multifaceted character. As it had already done in the past, for instance in the world of democratic connectivity with Panda Waze, the social media for 2.0 driving, and Panda Connected by Wind, equipped with Wi-Fi router to be always connected.
Throughout its long history, Panda has always been known to offer successful, state-of-the-art solutions. Since it was first launched, the Cross look has contributed to making the Panda increasingly European. Today, 40 percent of the Panda model with the Cross look are sold outside Italy, with a 15 percent increase of sales in Europe during the first half of 2019 compared to the same period of 2018. Panda has been the city car leader in Europe - together with the 500 - since 2003, and in 2019 it reasserted its leadership with a share of 14.8%. In addition to being a best seller, it is also the best grower, up +1.8 percentage points of share compared to 2018. It has been steadily in the first three for forty years. Over 7.5 million units have been sold and it is still growing. Data like these confirm a well-known fact. Panda really does have what it takes to land in the world of fashion and sport a Trussardi getup.

The first matt livery in the history of Panda, embellished with the Trussardi logo
The outfits and accessories chosen by the Fiat Style Centre and Trussardi designers interpret the latest trends in fresh, pop and quintessentially Italian fashion and reflect the personality of Panda. The bodywork sports a striking Caffè Italiano Brown livery, available both matt, for the first time in the history of Panda, or metallic. The colour palette also features Gelato White, Cinema Black and Colosseo Grey. Panda is a record-breaking car and the Panda Trussardi is setting the latest one. For the first time, the logo of a partner is present in a distinctive way to emphasise the bond and the values shared by the two brands. The Greyhound symbol is prominent on the third side window, in the middle of the alloy wheels and on the side mouldings.
There are also other exclusive style details, like the black roof bars, the rearview mirror caps, the 15" alloy wheels and the skid plate that characterise the Cross body. On the inside, Trussardi lettering embellishes the exclusive mats and the seat belts, that incidentally will be the protagonists of the campaign to launch the new Panda Trussardi. New are also the door panel inserts and the brown melange weave on the seat upholstery reproducing the Trussardi logo. The seat sides in black techno-leather are embellished with brown stitching reminiscent of a fashionable dress. The dashboard also sports a new Caffè Italiano Brown finish. The Trussardi logo stands out on the steering wheel, for the first time in the history of Panda.
Panda Trussardi offers unique style but also plenty of technological equipment. One of the most significant features is the Uconnect Mobile radio with support for mobile devices. The "Panda Uconnect" app can be used to interface with the on-board infotainment system, which includes Bluetooth 2.1 technology, audio streaming and voice recognition function and data reading via USB and MP3. Furthermore, the Panda Uconnect app also features the "Find myCar" service, to help remember where the car is parked, and "My Car" for checking the car's parameters, such as scheduled servicing and consulting the owner handbook, as well as direct calls to Fiat Customer Care or roadside assistance. Finally, when activated, the "Object Reminder" function reminds the driver not to leave things in the car after getting out. Panda Trussardi also offers Autonomous City Brake that detects obstacles in front of the car and automatically applies the brakes if the driver does not intervene below 30 km/h as optional equipment. Panda was the first car to introduce this feature into its segment.

The new communication campaign
The launch of the new Panda Trussardi will be accompanied by an innovative marketing campaign that celebrates the unique style of the new Fiat special edition, changing the rules of communications and the positioning of the car. The campaign for the Panda Trussardi is more akin to those of the fashion industry rather than the automotive scene. Panda Trussardi features in the video clip of Ava Max's new single "Torn", which was launched last August 27 on YouTube and aims to replicate the success of over 430 million views of her hit "Sweet but psycho". The Panda Trussardi turns into a cult fashion object in the spot cut from the video clip. In the story, the protagonist played by singer Ava Max wants to steal the Trussardi-branded seat belt, the coolest and most iconic element of the car, at any cost. To succeed in her intent, she uses her Trussardi shoe to smash a window of the car and then cuts off the belt. Removed from the car, the seat belt turns an object of seduction and a fashion accessory worn by the dancing singer. Dancers and walk-on actors wear Trussardi outfits and accessories in the advert, expressing the synergy between everyone's beat, the car and the fashion house in a powerful way. The new language tells about the appreciated, rational features of Panda but positions it as a cool and exciting object. The new advertisement was produced by Movie Magic and directed by Joseph Kahn, who directed video clips for artists such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Sting and Shaggy in the past. It is set in Piazza del Duomo in Milan at night. A halo of mystery accompanies the viewer from the very first seconds when Ava's entrance draws attention to the new Panda Trussardi. The story reaches its climax when the action of the protagonist marks the abrupt passage from anticipation to the dynamic atmosphere typical of music videos. Independent Ideas is the creative agency and Erick Loi is the executive creative director of the campaign. The campaign will be released on TV, cinema, print, radio, digital and billboards.

FCA Bank financial solutions for the new Panda Trussardi
FCA Bank, the captive bank of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, supports Fiat sales by offering a wide range of financial solutions to facilitate customers in purchasing a new car. All customers wishing to get behind the wheel of the new Panda Trussardi can benefit from an extremely advantageous promotional initiative developed by FCA Bank to facilitate the purchase of Fiat models. The "Zero+Zero" campaign with zero down payment and zero interest is offered with the "Più by FCA Bank" sales programme or with instalment payment plans. In the first case, customers can choose a financing plan lasting up to five years and the possibility, as usual, to choose whether to change the car and buy a new one, keep it by paying the final remaining instalment or return it at the end of the contract. In the second case of an instalment plan, the advantages of the "Zero+Zero" promotion include flexible plan durations and the possibility of an overall extension of up to six years (72 months).
To complete the financial options available, FCA Bank also offers a full range of insurance services, all of which are designed to be paired with financing contracts. They include personal protection services, such as Prestito Protetto, which guarantees payment of part of the financing package in the event of unforeseeable contingencies such as a job loss, and car protection services, such as the permanent marking on key components of the vehicle as a deterrent to prevent theft, Theft&Fire insurance, collision insurance (covering damage in the event of crashes with other identified vehicles), fully comprehensive insurance (covering damage in case of collision with other identified vehicles, overturning, impact, and going off the road).
Additionally, the cost of the new third-party insurance can be blocked and certain for the entire duration of the contract on all FCA Bank financing programmes. Customers are also offered competitively priced long-term hire packages, through Leasys, for a no-worries driving experience.

Turin, 17 September 2019
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