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FIAT launches the New Doblò and E-Doblò, driven by ingenuity for everyday tasks

  • FIAT pursues the fast development of its full electric product offer and launches the New E-Doblò.
  • Versatile, spacious, flexible and fit for everyone’s needs, the new Doblò offers innovative and ingenious solutions to improve everyday driving.
  • Doblò is available in both passenger - only electric - and van versions: it is the perfect tool for the city.
  • New E-Doblò is the third full electric vehicle of FIAT and FIAT Professional’s product range.
  • It contains a 100% electric engine, top level autonomy and a rich array of safety systems.
  • New Doblò in the van version will also supply a large thermic powertrain offer in diesel and petrol fuels.


FIAT and FIAT PROFESSIONAL present the new Doblò and E-Doblò, the fifth generation of the model that embodies two complementary souls. Thanks to ingenious and innovative solutions that make driving in the city less stressful and much safer, the new Doblò is in fact the ideal partner for families in the passenger version and the suitable vehicle for all the demands of professional workers in the van version.
With the launch of the new E-Doblò, therefore, the Brand continues the electrification processes initiated in recent years: FIAT by 2024 aims to go fully electric on every new model in Europe and to offer an all-electric range from 2027. Furthermore, New E-Doblò hits a double milestone: it is the third electric model for FIAT, following the debut of New 500 and E-Ulysse, and it is the third electric vehicle for FIAT PROFESSIONAL, after E-Ducato and E-Scudo.
The two new models expand their respective ranges to suit everyone’s demands, both transportation professionals and dynamic families, with that touch of Italian ingenuity that all FIAT products hold.
The latest version of this successful C-VAN model, the new Doblò is top level in terms of versatility, payload and safety. Flexible, spacious and designed to meet any customer requirement, the Doblò is the perfect tool for the city. Doblò VAN is available with both electric and thermal combustion engine.


In an homage to its flexibility, the new Doblò is available in two lengths and three different configurations (VAN, Crew Cab, Combi) and offers a wide range of engines which are capable of satisfying any needs.
Close attention was given to the vehicle’s comfort during the design phase to consider the needs of professionals who use their vehicle eight or more hours a day. The goal is to offer a stress-free work experience with sound insulation and suspension designed to reduce bumps and vibrations.
The “Magic Features” of the Doblò provide the vehicle with the most in modularity, sustainability and safety, making it an even more reliable, versatile and flexible work companion.

Magic Cargo allows for a 0.5 m3 increase in Cargo Volume and the possibility of loading long objects like pipes or ladders reaching up to 3.4 m of load length. Additionally, adding even more space, it is possible to raise the seat on the passenger side and use the compartment underneath for boxes or fragile objects. There is also a rotating tray table to turn the Doblò cabin into a mobile office as needed.
Moreover, the Magic Mirror is a 5” digital rearview mirror providing three different views: a rearview mirror, a complete view of the blind spot area and rear parking camera improving visibility and safety.
Lastly, thanks to Magic Plug, available only on the E-Doblò, it is possible to use the electric energy produced by the battery for specific conversion needs like a cargo fridge or a workbench for power tools.

In the full-electric version as well, the E-Doblò offers top-class payload – up to 800 kg on both wheelbases– allowing to load up to 2 euro-pallets; while in the ICE version, Doblò can reach up to one ton of load capacity.
Available in both long-wheelbase and short-wheelbase versions, Doblò is ready for any contingency: the long-wheelbase version reaches a maximum volume of 4.4 m3 thanks to the Magic Cargo feature. The Crew Cab long wheelbase body allows a unique modularity between seat and cargo space, thanks to a sliding bulkhead, which enables to modulate cargo space or passenger seating as needed.
Together with the electric version, two diesel versions are available: 1.5 liters in 100 HP with manual transmission; 1.5 liters in a 130 HP with both manual and 8-speed automatic transmission. And, lastly, there is a 1.2 petrol-engine in 110 HP.


In the passenger version, the new E-Doblò will be able to accommodate the whole family’s needs (“furry friends” included), thanks to its spaciousness and versatility and to its towing capacity of 750 kg. A magical place for looking out onto the city, the E-Doblò can be equipped, on request, with an opening back window on tailgate (Magic Window).
Its dimensions, 4,4 meters in length, offer the perfect agility to drive in the city, while the interior configuration — with 3 single seats in the second row that can be folded down to increase cargo capacity —guarantees the maximum versatility and spaciousness to aid customers in their various everyday tasks. To guarantee the most in safety, the Isofix system, the standardized child seat attachment system, comes standard on all three rear seats.
It is a functional and versatile vehicle made for those who’d like to fully express their personality. Whether on a moving trip, a journey with friends or family to an adventurous destination, or an away game, Doblò is perfectly suited for all kind of passengers.

To further enhance its versatility, additionally it will feature the Magic Top, a windowed roof which provides more room of the storage compartments as well by a transparent shelf and a rear roof case, which is accessible both from inside and outside the vehicle. And the optional Magic View feature that makes parking easy thanks to the 180° camera, which provides a full view of what's directly behind the vehicle. Radio 8’’ DAB will be also a standard content to enhance the multimedial experience.
New E-Doblò debuts with a special edition including Magic Window roof bars and 16’’ alloy wheels and an exclusive Mediterraneo Blue color. The complete line-up will be available in the next months.


The new E-Doblò is equipped with a 100 kW electric motor and a 50kWh battery that allows more than 280 km of autonomy, in the WLTP cycle.
Thanks to the new engine, the new E-Doblò reaches a top speed of 130 km/h and up to 260 Nm of maximum torque. Plus, the zero-emissions version offers one-of-a-kind flexibility to the customer and a best-in-class charging capability, thanks to the “Quick Charge Mode” up to 100 kW, which allows to charge in direct current 80% of the battery in just 30 minutes.
The driver can choose between different modes: Normal, Eco and Power. Each mode modifies the vehicle’s driving response, enhancing and optimizing the vehicle performance: “Normal” is recommended for driving in regular traffic; “Eco” improves its fuel economy and “Power” improves the peak power of the vehicle.
The introduction of the battery pack did not cause any structural changes: the E-Doblò is available in the same VAN dimensions, features and configurations as those with thermal combustion engines.


The New Doblò is equipped with active safety and security systems, that assist the customer while driving, allowing to safely enjoy the journey. The model offers a full package, 17 in total, of safety features and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), which place it at the top of the segment.

Available as standard (on Passenger version):

  • Automatic recognition of traffic signals;
  • Active safety brake, which is activated to reduce the risk of collision;
  • Lane Keeping Assist, which warns the driver if the vehicle leaves the lane and then gradually brings the vehicle back to the correct position;
  • Driver Attention Alert, which monitors the driver’s level of attention and signals when it is the moment to take a break

In order to offer the best performance and greater traction in every condition like snow, mud or sand, the Doblò in its Van version is equipped with a Grip Control System, while the Hill Descent Control system allows for the perfect control of the vehicle in the case of gradients of more than 3%.

Lastly, the head-up display provides the driver with the most important information without getting distracted by the road; meanwhile, the front and rear parking sensors and the rear camera allow the easiest and safest parking.

The all-new Doblò and E-Doblò will be manufactured in the Stellantis plant in Spain (Vigo), benefiting of scale effects. The all-new Doblò will take advantage of existing and successful K9 program that serves other Stellantis Brands.

Turin, June 6, 2022

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