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17 July 2020


  • With GOe LIVE, compare the New 500 with your combustion engine car and discover the journey-based savings on costs and COemissions.
  • Discover how the New 500 is made and book your test drive: find out all you need to know about the New 500 “la Prima”, check the battery charging status and remaining range.
  • Download the video with all you need to know about the potential savings of electric driving in the New 500 from this link

Range, costs and charging time: the most salient topics for people moving toward the world of electrification. To find out now how much you can indicatively save by driving the New 500, you can download FIAT GOe LIVE, the innovative, exclusive app created by the e-Mobility by FCA team, to virtually simulate any journey.

FIAT GOe LIVE lets users into the world of electric mobility, simply and immediately, to see the possible benefits of this new way of moving and to discover the reliability and innovations of electric mobility.
The FIAT GOe LIVE app calculates potential power consumption (which may vary depending on external factors, for example driving style, weather, road and environmental conditions, car status and usage) and the possible CO2 savings based on distance traveled, all in real time.  Via a test, the app assigns a score and awards virtual medals (bronze, silver and gold), to provide the user with an incentive to improve their driving style. It also offers advice and tips for more careful driving and focuses on potential fuel and CO2 savings.

Coming soon to Android and iOS operating systems, the FIAT GOe LIVE app can be downloaded for free. Once you have signed up, you then have access to the world of electric mobility. As well as journey simulation and tips to improve your driving style, the app lets you find out more about the New 500. It offers 3D configuration of the model at the exclusive “Virtual Casa 500” space – the virtual museum hosted by the Pinacoteca Agnelli art gallery, recounting the past, present and future of the 500 – and puts you in contact with the nearest dealership to book a test drive when possible. Users can also make an online pre-booking for the launch edition of the New 500 “la Prima”, available in both convertible and hatchback versions. In the “Eco-Advisor” section, users can even run the innovative service developed by Fiat for all potential buyers of the New 500: simply enter your postal code for information on the eco-bonuses and government incentives for purchasers of an electric car in that geographical region. You can also discover the possibilities of free and open access to Restricted Traffic Zones and parking lots.

With FIAT GOe LIVE, entering the New 500 and its world of electric mobility is even easier and more fun!

Turin, July 17, 2020

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