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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

FCA innovates how to choose a new mobility formula on

Fiat 500 BE-FREE Amazon rental
  • With Fiat and Leasys, BE-FREE lands on Amazon: for stress-free mobility.
  • A collaboration that pairs the advantages of e-commerce with those of a long-term rental package for retail customers.
  • A dedicated offer on for Fiat 500 with the innovative BE-FREE formula.

Fiat (the leading brand with the largest and most widespread distribution network in Italy) and Leasys (the main player on the long-term rental and automotive services market and FCA Bank subsidiary) have joined up to offer the simplicity and convenience of online shopping paired with a dedicated rental package for the Fiat 500 on

The innovative BE-FREE formula is now available on it is a highly competitive solution in terms of cost and provides a complete package from a technological point of view. This simple, clear and advantageous product is designed for those who want to feel free to use their car without the stress  of having to break into their savings.

Recent trends indicate the rising relevance of e-commerce as more and more customers choose to buy from the comfort of their own homes. For this reason, Fiat and Leasys are now offering on the opportunity for customers to choose their mobility solution with a simple click, at any time, both easily and securely. The offer is made even more innovative by an exclusive purchasing formula. Everyone who chooses BE-FREE on, for just 99 Euro, can secure a welcome kit to gain access to an exclusive rate of 179 Euro a month for a Fiat 500 Pop 1.2 litres 69 HP,  a saving of 20 Euro a month.

The innovative BE-FREE package is characterised by a fixed monthly rate for the full duration of the contract (48 months and 60,000 kilometres), including VAT, with no additional down payment, and includes third party insurance, road tax, breakdown assistance and the possibility of managing all car-related services with the Leasys App. Customers can also return the vehicle after the first year if they change their mind, or their mobility requirements, with no penalties.

The welcome kit on will secure the exclusive BE-FREE offer before the Amazon Customer Service team will contact the customer to locate their nearest Fiat Dealership, where they will complete the paperwork and schedule the handover of the car. Leasys will operate an exclusive line for Amazon customers, connecting them with the dealership where they can pick up their new Fiat 500 Pop 1.2 litre 69 HP and guaranteeing them the best customer experience.

Built around the needs expressed by customers, 50% of Italians declare that they could choose a car online,  97% still wish to pick it up from a dealership. Fiat and Leasys are delighted to offer this option. As with many online purchases, speed is of high importance, so the chosen car will be handed over to the customer very rapidly via dedicated logistics, taking into consideration the particularities of the activation of a rental package in all cases.

On, customers can also choose the BE-FREE PLUS package, which is even more comprehensive and includes coverage for damage repair, theft, fire and routine and supplementary servicing  for just 269 Euro a month, which is also 20 Euro a month less than a conventional rate.

The choice of Fiat 500 is definitely not random  as 500 customers have a pioneering spirit and are receptive to new innovations. They are excited by changes and want to be the first to try a new product, service or technology. Fiat 500 is more than just a car: it is a concept, a way of life, a surprising way of doing things.

With this new project FCA is reasserting the focus on customer needs and is embracing new developments for how they choose their mobility: new technology offer opportunities for online access to offers which are customisable and have a quick delivery turnaround, just like the Leasys long-term rental package.

A window to the future: with a simple click Fiat and Leasys have innovated the car buying process.

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Turin, 21 March 2017

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