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26 June 2017

After Italy, France and Germany, the "500 Forever Young Tour" arrived in Spain

Fiat 500 Forever Young Tour in Madrid, Spain
  • The exclusive Fiat 500 special series to mark the 60th anniversary received a warm welcome in Madrid's Calle Jorge Juan zone.
  • View the video of the Spanish event at this link.

After the Italian, French and German stages, the "500 Forever Young Tour" celebrating the Fiat 500's 60th anniversary, reached Madrid in Spain. With just days to go until the model's actual birthday on 4 July, the tour is continuing to visit Europe's most beautiful squares, involving Fiat 500 fans and collectors of all ages. The inspiring "500 Forever Young Tour" forms part of a larger project, launched by the Fiat brand to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Fiat 500, an icon that maintains its identity while always remaining up to date. The involved cities in France, Germany and Spain, were dressed up and shot back to swinging Sixties with special stage sets, extensive rehearsals and enthusiastic staff, actors and extras. The successful event attracted over seven thousand spectators in the Spanish capital, which was lit up by the flashes of cameras and smartphones.

The Spanish stage took place on 22 June, bringing even more excitement to the lively Calle Jorge Juan zone, the heart of Madrid and one of its main urban entertainment areas. In the Salamanca district, very close to the Golden Mile, this zone has recently become a key location for gourmet food and fashion boutiques. On entering Calle Jorge Juan from Calle de Serrano, the large fashion and lifestyle-conscious crowd who thronged the zone were charmed by the Sixties Corner dedicated to the Fiat 500, with installations evoking the spirit of the Sixties, designed to show off the car's special 60th anniversary edition to best effect.

Fine design and the ability to be always trendy and up-to-date are two of the secrets behind the success and eternal youth of the Fiat 500, which was perfectly at home on the district's vibrant streets. The undeniable star of the event was the special series, which is premiering the exquisite "Dolcevita" two-tone body colour, in which Tri-Coat White combines with Pastel Ivory. And the exclusive special series received a film star's welcome from the visitors, many of whom took the opportunity to photograph it together with an historic Fiat 500 model on display beside it, completely at ease between the confectioner and ice-cream vendor in Sixties costumes, the little cart of flowers and the actors impersonating the paparazzi who were everywhere in the Dolce Vita era.

The Fiat 500 is the bestseller in nine countries and in the top three in another seven, and it has retained the same market share for 10 years. The Fiat icon's international character is reflected by the Jorge Juan district itself. The area was once home to Spain's National Geographic Institute, and in view of its relationship to seafaring and the great explorers, it has always been considered one of Madrid's most cosmopolitan zones. What's more, when the Spanish economy was opened up in the Sixties and Seventies, the top international fashion labels found this district the ideal location for their boutiques, establishing it as a trendy hotspot. Nowadays, Jorge Juan is an area of enchanting pedestrianised streets lined with fine neoclassical buildings, and the Fiat 500 provided a perfect match for the elegant stores and the bright, lively restaurants.

Next to the icon, visitors were able to admire a 124 Spider America, one of the limited edition of 124 cars that maintains the style and design of the 124 Sport Spider America. This exclusive version, in Magnetic Bronze colour, has been created starting from Lusso, the richest trim level in the 124 Spider range. Each of these cars is fitted with a numbered internal plaque in addition to its authenticity certificate. It has exclusive stylistic touches and an original vintage characterisation, as well as a lavish array of aesthetic and functional features.

The success of the last stage of the Forever Young Tour marks the start of the countdown to the celebrations on 4 July, when the Fiat 500 will star in a packed schedule of prestige initiatives and events to mark its sixtieth birthday.

Turin, 27 June 2017 

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