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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The advertising campaigns dedicated to the iconic Fiat 500 win prizes

First prize to the Fiat 500S and Fiat 500 Riva campaigns
  • First prize given to the "Kiss My S" campaign for the Fiat 500S in the "A3 - Transport and Energy" category.
  • First prize given to the "Cima" campaign starring the exclusive Fiat 500 Riva in the "B1 - Poster" category.


The prize-giving ceremony of the 14th "Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award", the prestigious competition promoted by Media Key Events, took place yesterday evening in the new Auditorium of the IULM University, Milan. The division of the Media Key publishing group has been the benchmark in the field of advertising and corporate communications for over 25 years and the goal of the event is to promote the efficacy of communications in print, outdoor communications, events and promotional operations.


On the night there were two victories for campaigns made by the creative agency Leo Burnett for two special expressions of the "little" Fiat: the sporty 500S and the exclusive 500 Riva. These are the most recent interpretations of the icon of the Fiat brand, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The model has been refreshed over the recent years while its key values have remained unchanged. Today, the car is still winning over the fans of beauty and originality and is currently the best-seller in its segment in eight countries across Europe. It also ranks among the top three in 15 countries, including Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain and Germany.


The two accolades were bestowed by the creative directors, marketing and communications managers of Italian companies, communication experts and journalists on the panel of "Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award 2017", who were called to select the best campaigns made and published from January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.


In the "A3 - Transport and Energy" category, the first prize went to the international campaign "Kiss My S", dedicated to the Fiat 500S. With its bold looks and strong personality, the 500S, which, launched in June 2016, has quickly become the second most popular trim level of the Fiat 500, accounting for approximately 20% on the total sales across Europe. A prime example of the ever-innovative approach of Fiat to communications, the winning campaign presented the new Fiat 500S, like its target customers: the "Bad Boys". The international TV, press, outdoor and radio campaign features various subjects all linked to the "What Bad Boys Drive" creative concept.


First prize also went to the "Cima" campaign, in the "B1 - Poster" category, which showed the charming Fiat 500 Riva moored on the dock like a small, exclusive boat. It was the perfect setting for the limited edition "Smallest Yacht in the World", of which 10,000 units were made. The model sold out in just 12 months after its launch in June 2016.


The campaign placed the accent on the luxury details the 500 Riva shares with the iconic Italian-made yachts, such as the elegant metallised "Sera" blue paintwork, embellished with a double aqua line embracing the car, the mahogany dashboard with maple inlays and the ivory leather seats with blue details.


The winning campaign was part of an international communications plan incorporating various assets. These included a TV campaign starring Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody. In the advert, the new 500 Riva was seen coasting through the most elegant streets of Milan and Paris, attracting the attention of bystanders who mistook it for a real boat. Enjoying the trip in the car was Adrien Brody who, with his charisma, reasserted even further the beauty and exclusivity of this little gem, designed by Fiat and Riva.
At the same time, the campaign featured a touch of irony and mischievousness - both authentic hallmarks of the 500 brand.



Torino, 28 September 2017

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