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8 May 2020

Electric Cars: Driving, Recharging, Benefits - Fiat explains it all in 8 “electrifying” video clips

  • Today and for the next 8 weeks, Fiat tells you everything there is to know about electrified mobility, In straightforward, fun language.
  • The first installment, “City Regulations”, looks at moving around the city aboard the new Fiat 500 BEV.
  • Discover the video tutorials on Fiat's official social media channels, on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“While we wait to get back on the road, we thought we should do our best to prepare for the recovery aboard our Fiats. Today's cars, and most of all, tomorrow’s cars,” stated Luca Napolitano, Head of EMEA Fiat and Abarth Brands. "We’ve made 8 video clips to explain the benefits of electrified mobility, in Fiat's straightforward, fun and uncomplicated language. I’m sure these short videos will leave you with a smile on your face and will be a great way to explore the future of mobility with Fiat,” he said.

The 8 straightforward, spontaneous videos take an insightful look at electrification right across the board. Fiat has already joined in the world of electric with the Panda and 500 Hybrids and will soon go further with the new full electric 500. We are now taking the first steps together with our existing and future customers, in a whizz round uncharted territory:
  • how to drive an electric vehicle
  • how long it takes to recharge an electric car
  • the number and extent of benefits for the user.

So much more too, from regenerative braking, emissions, and regulations to incentives, driving experience, servicing, range, and recharging.

Along populist lines, Fiat is helping the customers of today and tomorrow to knowledgeably step into tomorrow’s world of electrified and electric mobility. The first videos can be viewed at this link.

Turin, May 8, 2020
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