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Tuesday, July 05, 2016


An original event was staged yesterday on the charming island of Capri to celebrate Fiat 500's 59th anniversary. Launched in Turin precisely on July 4, 1957, the "great little car" became a cult model of which nearly four million would be sold. Fifty years later, in 2007, the new 500 was born: it was a success marketed in over one hundred countries worldwide and with nearly two million on the road. Since 2015, the unmistakeably 500 design has been refreshed and packed with even more technology, engine versions and customisation ideas: it is the development of a brand obtained by refining the elements which have turned it into the masterpiece it is.

This year, all eyes are on 500 Riva, that "invaded" the most famous sites of Capri with its timeless elegance: the countless number of versions and interpretations of 500 never cease to amaze. The newest addition is an exclusive limited number special series which stands out for its unique design ideas and precious details. It was designed in partnership with Riva, the world-famous nautical brand, synonymous with elegance and style. Two absolute legends in the world of cars and of boats meet to create a new desirable object, which symbolises outstanding Italian beauty and is celebrated by extraordinary hosts in a truly magical arena.

500 blends with the timeless allure of Riva, to produce a car that combines the style and design features of both brands. The bodywork sports "Sera Blue" paintwork, an exclusive colour for this limited special series and one of the most appreciated of the palette offered for Aquariva Super, while the accents made of real mahogany with maple inlays, developed implementing a unique and innovative process in the automotive sector and using the same woods used on Riva yachts, make a statement inside.

For this car inspired by the sea to seduce the roads there could be no better backdrop to celebrate its anniversary than the Faraglioni stacks and Piazzetta Umberto I on the delightful island of Capri. The atmosphere was that of the Sixties, a "blast from the past", in which the successor of the legendary 500 is once again the undisputed star of the glamour and elegance for which Italy is famous worldwide.

Turin, 5 July 2016

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