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The Mirror Special Edition arrives on the Cross soul of the 500X and 500L

  • Fiat 500X and Fiat 500L Cross today are even more technological and connected with the Mirror special series.
  • The 500X Mirror is available also on the Urban version and comes with Full LED headlights and all the innovations of the new 500X launched last September as standard equipment.
  • Blue is the colour that best expresses its technological personality - Matt Blue Jeans for 500X and Venezia Blue with glossy black roof for 500L. A rich range of hues complete the exciting colour palette.
  • Its stylish design is enhanced by satin details on 500X and exclusive Ultra Shine accents on 500L.
  • Dedicated to customers focused on technology, the new Mirror models pack Uconnect 7" HD LIVEwith touchscreen, which is Apple CarPlay ready and Android Auto compatible, as standard equipment.
  • For the first eleven months of 2018, the Fiat 500X confirmed its position in the European top ten, in its segment.
  • The Fiat 500L was the third best-selling vehicles in its segment in Europe, for the first eleven months of 2018.

The Mirror special edition brings connectivity and technology also to the Cross soul of the 500 family. The 500X Mirror Cross and 500L Mirror Cross are here. There is more: on 500X, the Mirror special edition offers Full LED headlights as standard and all the features of the recently launched model. The three models offer as standard the Uconnect 7" HD LIVE touchscreen, which is Apple CarPlay ready and Android Auto compatible. More in detail, Apple CarPlay shows road directions optimised according to traffic conditions and can be used to make and receive phone calls, open text messages and play music keeping all eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
The system is also compatible with Android AutoTM. This technology allows users to continue the Android experience in the car, by "projecting" apps and services of the central display and is designed to make retrieving information while driving easy and safe.

It is the first time that the Mirror trim level and its features land on versions designed for escaping from the city traffic and characterised by a unique look. The new 500X has recently been introduced to the public with entirely new looks, style, technology and engines. The new design picks up a number of the unmistakably 500 details, like the Full LED headlights, which are always standard, and new interiors. The 500X Mirror Cross represents its cross soul by featuring, for example, a redesigned front skid plate and specific bumpers.
Similarly, the 500L Mirror Cross takes on a city crossover look with its new skid plate and front grille. The Mirror trim level adds one-of-a-kind style accents in addition to well-known technological contents and is also available on the new 500X Urban, which is the more metropolitan interpretation of the Italian crossover.

Fiat 500X Mirror Cross

Based on the City Cross trim level, the new 500X special edition is developed for dynamic customers who wants to stay connected at all times, even when venturing out of town.
The model comes with a cool matt Blue Jeans livery, which underlines the technological features, with skid plates and contrasting Ice Mirror roof bars. A metallic version of the Blue Jeans paint is also available, additionally the palette features Gelato White, Cinema Black, Moda Grey and Italia Blue. The interiors are characterised by specific trim with blue stitching and a matte Blue Jeans dashboard. Other important innovations are found externally, such as, the new Full LED headlights for an even more modern look in line with the style features of the 500 family. A key design feature of the car is the LED technology signature around the front light cluster module, giving the front of the new 500X a clear, distinctive visual identity. The rear light clusters are also implemented with LED technology to be even more distinctive and recognisable, as well as increasing visibility and safety on the road as a consequence. The special edition also has many refined satin finished accents including mirror caps, mouldings, door handles and tailgate handle, as well as a Mirror badge mounted on the pillar, completing the look. Finally, the Fiat 500X Mirror is equipped with exclusive 17-inch diamond-finished alloy wheels. The engine range is comprehensive and features three petrol engines and four Multijet turbo diesel engines, paired with automatic or manual transmissions, in addition to front or all-wheel drive. The new FireFly Turbo engine family is also available on the car in a 3-cylinder 1.0-litre configuration with 120 HP of peak power and 190 Nm of peak torque, paired with six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive and in a 4-cylinder 1.3-litre configuration, this one delivering 150 HP and 270 Nm of torque, paired with six-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The 1.6 E-torq 110 HP petrol engine is also available. The power of the Multijet spans from 95 HP of the 1.3-litre manual gearbox to 150 HP of the 2.0-litre paired with nine-speed automatic transmission and FWD. The 120-HP 1.6-litre Multijet is available with six-speed manual gearbox or DCT dual-clutch transmission both with front-wheel drive.

Fiat 500X Mirror

The special Mirror series with all its connectivity contents is also available on the new 500X Urban created to express the city lifestyle.
Standard equipment includes Full LED headlights, DRL and LED rear lights, new Techno-leather steering wheel, new instrument panel with monochrome 3.5'' TFT and double USB port, manual climate control, Cruise Control, electric parking brake and 60/40 split rear seat. The equipment is completed by the new Traffic Sign Recognition and Speed Advisor driving assist systems, as well as Lane Assist system, 6 airbags (front, window and side) and ESC (Electronic Stability Control). The Mirror style has many refined satin finished accents including mirror caps, mouldings, door handles, tailgate handle and Mirror badge mounted on the pillar. The exterior look is completed by 17-inch diamond-finish alloy wheels.

Fiat 500L Mirror Cross

The new Fiat 500L Mirror Cross is dedicated to high-tech families. With this special edition, the most spacious 500 ever made is more technological and connected. Based on the City Cross trim level, it has a Venezia Blue livery with glossy black roof, on demand. Also available, either as single colour or paired with glossy black roof, are Bellagio Blue, Gelato White, Moda Grey and Cinema Black. Inside, the black or white painted dashboard fascia hints to the style of the iconic 500. Featuring numerous special accents with: Ultra Shine handles, side mouldings and front and rear whiskers, the 500L Mirror Cross is sure not to go unnoticed. Finally, the Mirror logo makes a statement on the pillar. The 17" diamond-finish alloy wheels are standard. The 500L Mirror Cross is available with a 1.4-litre 95-HP petrol engine and with the 1.3-litre Multijet 95 HP diesel (either manual or Dualogic robotised) or with the 1.6-litre Multijet 120 HP.

Uconnect 7" HD LIVE touchscreen, Apple CarPlay ready and Android Auto compatible

The new 500X and 500L Mirror are packed with Uconnect TM7" HD LIVE with touchscreen which is Apple CarPlay ready and Android Auto compatible to satisfy the needs of customers most interested in connectivity and the latest trends in infotainment. This next-generation Uconnect system with high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth hands-free interface, audio streaming, text reader and voice recognition function, Aux and USB ports with iPod integration and controls on the steering wheel as standard equipment. Customers will always be connected with the Uconnect LIVE services. By downloading the free Uconnect LIVE app from the App Store or Google Play Store to their smartphones, they can fully exploit the benefits of Uconnect LIVE, which includes music streaming with Deezer and TuneIn, news from Reuters and connected navigation with TomTom LIVE, and can keep in touch with friends via Facebook Check-in and Twitter. Finally, with eco:Drive and my:Car, saving and environment-friendly running will be constantly under control, wherever the customer wants to go.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions

The main features of the Uconnect system are its integration with Apple CarPlay (the smartest and safest way to use an iPhone while driving) and its compatibility with Android AutoTM, to enjoy all the functions of Google.
Apple CarPlay shows road directions optimised according to traffic conditions and can be used to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and play music while remaining focused on the road. It also allows drivers to use other iPhone apps, such as audio applications, messages and favourite voice controls. CarPlay features Siri voice control and is specially designed for driving scenarios.
The system is compatible with Android AutoTM, as well, to continue the Android experience in the car, by "projecting" apps and services of the central display. It is designed to make retrieving information while driving easy and safe.
Drivers can use Google Maps to obtain route guidance and easily access music, multimedia contents and their favourite messaging apps. Easy, immediate interaction with devices guarantees the convenience of maintaining the same operating system even in the car, for constantly connected and safe driving, and means great quality of life on-board as well as improved ergonomics.
When an Android smartphone is connected to the vehicle or the compatible stereo system, the Android Auto apps appear on the vehicle's display. To learn more about Android Auto compatibility, go to

Android Auto, Google Play and Google Maps are trademarks of Google LLC.

Apple CarPlay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Mopar® Connect: remote connection, top protection

Mopar® Connect, the innovative set of connected services dedicated to safety and remote control of the vehicle, is available on demand on the Mirror range. It integrates with Uconnect LIVE services and adds new functions, such as roadside assistance, rescue in case of accidents and location of the car in case of theft. The system can also be used to control some of vehicle functions remotely, like an alert if the car exceeds a certain speed limit or leaves a zone previously delimited on a map or for locking and unlocking the doors. Finally, Mopar® Connect enables users to locate their parked car easily and see information about its state, fuel level and battery charge on their smartphones.
In the scope of a project developed with Targa Telematics, a Fleet version of Mopar® Connect is also available for businesses, professionals or companies to manage their company vehicles. In addition to the basic services, this version is a complete package for efficiently and effectively monitoring and managing fleets.

FCA Bank financial solutions for the new 500X Mirror and 500L Mirror

FCA Bank, the captive bank of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, supports the sales of Fiat vehicles by providing a broad range of financing solutions to provide all its customers with the best possible experience.
Anybody who wishes to drive a car of the Fiat 500 Mirror Family, with technology, style and competitiveness, can opt for one of the following products:

  • Instalment Loan: Traditional financing that allows the buyer to pay for the vehicle over an extended period of time;
  • Leasing and PCP (Personal Contract Purchase): Highly flexible solutions with low monthly payments and the possibility to choose, on the contract expiration date, whether to return, keep or replace the car with a new one;
  • Private Lease: A solution for drivers who do not want to own the vehicle, with the ensuing costs and uncertainties, involving a single monthly payment inclusive of the main insurance, assistance and infomobility services.

Specifically the new 500X Mirror, FCA Bank proposes an innovative option for its customers, linking more and more closely their monthly expenditure to the mileage travelled in their daily lives.
Thanks to Buy By the Mile, at the time of purchase, customers will be able to choose the mileage package best suited to their individual driving habits. Monthly expenditure will therefore vary depending on the chosen mileage, with the same freedom of choice at the end of the contract: they can keep, return or renew the vehicle.
All of FCA Bank's solutions are intended not only for individuals but also for companies and independent professionals. In addition, Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, makes available long-term car rental solutions for a totally relaxed driving experience.
Moreover, FCA Bank provides a broad range of insurance products in combination with the financing contract, for both personal protection - such as 'Credit Protection Insurance' which ensures the repayment of part of the loan in case of sudden and unpredictable occurrences such as a job loss - and car protection.
The financing and insurance solutions described are available in most European countries where the companies of the FCA Bank Group operate. All the structures are extremely flexible, to meet in full local requirements.

Turin, 8 January 2019

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