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Friday, November 20, 2015


Always in the front line in humanitarian projects, the Fiat brand donates a 500L to the United Nations International Children's Fund. The car, customized with UNICEF graphics underlining its mission, embodies the ideal vehicle for modern families.

Yesterday, a Fiat 500L was donated to UNICEF Italia at the Motor Village in Rome, at the presence of Giacomo Marra, General Manager of FCA Centre Italia S.p.A., Giacomo Guerrera, President at the Italian National Committee for UNICEF and Paolo Rozera, Executive Director at the Italian National Committee for UNICEF. The choice of date was strongly symbolic, being so close to the 20th of November, the day when the United Nations ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. The Universal Children's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world.

UNICEF is a subsidiary body of the United Nations whose mission is to protect and promote the rights of girls and boys all over the world, from birth to 18 years old, and to contribute to improving their standards of living.

The 500L is a small but important contribution to this noble cause: top seller in its segment, this model has reformulated the category of compact cars for the modern family in a more emotionally warming tone. The 500L has a multifaceted identity: it explores new territories and transcends the traditional barriers between different segments. It boasts the compact dimensions typical of a B segment car, combined with the performance levels, the spacious interior and the rich range of fittings typical of a C segment car. The 500L perfectly expresses the concept of community, and is therefore the ideal car for a modern family to gather in and grow in.

The 500L model donated to UNICEF is fitted with a Multijet 1.3 turbodiesel engine which combines modest running costs with superb performance, with a Lounge trim level. On the car's white bodywork, in contrast with its black roof, the personalised UNICEF Italia graphics stand out assertively. Both sides carry the logos of UNICEF and FCA, plus the stylised silhouettes of four children dancing in a circle. The rear boot door recites, in Italian, "2 billion children on board", underlining UNICEF's mission and the Fiat 500L's status as the car that promotes universal mobility.

This collaboration confirms FCA's sensitivity to major social issues and its commitment to perform as a sustainable company. It also expresses a sense of responsibility that focuses above all on long-term progress, and not on quick results: the driving principle is that the future belongs to today's youths and children. The same perspective can be seen in the Group's commitment to numerous training and schooling projects, both in Italy and around the world, aimed at opposing child labour and promoting occupational training for the generations of tomorrow.

Turin, 20 November 2015

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