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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


  • Another important step in the history of Fiat 500
  • The model with chassis number 1,500,000 is destined for the French market
  • The iconic Fiat is marketed in over 100 countries around the world

Today, the Fiat 500 with chassis number 1,500,000 came out of the FCA Poland Plant production line. It is a Pop model in Gelato White, with a 1.2 liter 69 HP petrol engine, destined to a client in France.

Sold in over 100 countries around the world - from Poland to Italy, from Brazil to South Africa, from Japan to USA - the Fiat 500 has reached this historic milestone 8 years and 4 months after its launch.

A global car, whose sales outside of Italy constitute 75%, the Fiat 500 is an all-Italian invention that won over the public and international critics, as shown by over 40 world championship prizes won so far, including the prestigious "Car of The Year 2008". In addition, this impressive achievement is joined by numerous records marked by Fiat 500 in its segment: the first city car to offer 7 standard airbags, the first to make the latest ESP available on the entire range, the first FCA car to dèbut with the Twin Air two-cylinder engine family.

Last July, the baton was picked up by the New 500, with which Fiat is preparing to face future market challenges while remaining true to its own deep roots. Created by the Centro Stile Fiat, the car has a refreshed exterior and interior design, which is unmistakably 500 and even more attractive. While it has not grown in size, it is packed with more technology, engine versions and customization ideas: only in this way, can the iconic car further evolve and refine the features that have turned it into a masterpiece.

The secrets of its worldwide success certainly include Fiat's ability to evolve with new interpretations - from the 500 Abarth (2008) to the New 500 (July 2015) - but also its ability to explore new territories, creating an innovative and accessible family of cars that guarantee maximum freedom of choice and use: the results include the 500L (2012), the 500L Trekking and 500L Living (2013), and the 500X (2014).

Turin, 10 November 2015

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