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Full Safety

Fullback is designed to provide the driver and passengers with the highest safety levels. The cab is fitted with 7 airbags (2 front, 2 side, 2 curtain and one level with the driver's knees). What's more, in case of a collision the safety belt pretensioners automatically tighten gradually, reducing impact with the opening airbags.

Fiat Fullback safety airbags

Electronic Stability Control is a standard safety device on Fullback; the vehicle will follow the path set by the steering wheel, assisted by automatic wheel braking. An anti-slip system locks the wheels in the event of spinning on slippery surfaces.

Fiat Fullback ESC

At speeds over 65 km/h, the Lane Departure Warning system emits a visual and audible warning that you are straying across the boundaries of your lane.

Fiat Fullback LDW

Maximum safety for towing, too: if the trailer starts to sway, the Trailer Stability Assist automatically modulates the engine power and the braking force on each of the pick-up's wheels, restoring the stability of the vehicle and its trailer.

Fiat Fullback TSA

With Fullback, you can set the speed with the adjustable Speed Limiter. If the limit is exceeded, an audible and visual warning will tell you to slow down.

Fiat Fullback safety speed limiter
Hill starts are effortless, even when fully laden: the Fullback Hill Holder automatically holds the pick-up stationary for a few seconds on hills to make all starts easier, without the vehicle slipping back.
Fiat Fullback Hill Holder

For unbeatable stability both on road circuits and off-road, Fullback is fitted with double arm front suspension with anti-roll bar, with a solid axle with plywood leaf springs at the rear. Fullback, the best answer in every situation.

Fiat Fullback suspension

Fullback's immense versatility is the outcome of adaptability and load capacity, combined with versatility at the top of its class, demonstrated by a turning circle radius of just 5.9 metres.

Fiat Fullback turning radius

Whatever terrain faces you on your daily missions, the 4x4 traction will enable you to tackle it with the right approach. With the Electronic 4WD Selector, it takes you just a moment to choose the right mode for distributing the maximum torque to every single wheel.

Fiat Fullback traction
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