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Performance & Safety

There are seven airbags installed in the cab: 2 front, 2 side, 2 curtain and one to protect the driver’s knees. In case of a collision, the pretensioners are triggered before the airbags open, holding the passengers firmly in their seats.

Fiat Fullback Cross safety airbags

Fullback Cross is equipped as standard with ESC (Electronic Stability Control), a safety device that helps the driver to hold the vehicle on course by operating the brakes of the individual wheels.

Fiat Fullback Cross ESC

Fullback is a dauntless towing machine, whatever your needs. You will be aided by the low-range gears for the steepest gradients and Trailer Stability Assist, which acts on the brakes and engine if the towed load is causing loss of stability.

Fiat Fullback Cross safety airbags

Fullback Cross features the LDW (Lane Departure Warning) device. Active over 65 km/h, it triggers audible and visual warnings to alert the driver if the vehicle strays across the lane markings.

Fiat Fullback Cross LDW
Fullback Cross is equipped with the device known as Hill Holder, a system which keeps the vehicle braked for a few moments during hill starts to stop it slipping back, meaning no worries for the driver.
Fiat Fullback Cross Hill Holder

The independent double arm front suspensions with spiral springs and anti-roll bar guarantee unbeatable stability and driving comfort, while the leaf springs on the rear axle cope effortlessly with both full loads and off-road terrain.

Fiat Fullback Cross suspension

Fullback's heart lies in its traction system. In 4H mode, the differential independently transfers some of the drive torque to the wheels with most grip.On slippery surfaces, the central differential can be locked (4HLC) for a 50/50 front-rear split.

Fiat Fullback Cross traction

Its turning diameter of just 5.9 metres puts the Fullback Cross at the top of its class.

Fiat Fullback Cross turning radius

To complete the outstanding traction system, the Techno Pack includes the rear differential lock. The mechanical lock is electronically operated using a button on the dashboard. Fullback adopts the best solution, which has shaped the history of off-road driving, making it a real, pedigree 4x4.

Fiat Fullback Cross 4x4 rear differential lock
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