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A daring soul rich in contents. In a state-of-the-art SUV with a strong personality, now in a fresh, new version.

Fiat 500X S-Design fittings

Fiat 500X Mirror: the SUV for people who are always connected.

Young, dynamic and finally social. The new 500X Mirror is going online, the SUV that offers a fulfilling driving experience, maximum safety and flawless connectivity. The Uconnect™ 7" HD LIVE system with Uconnect Link, custom-designed interiors, and brand new matte Blue Jeans livery are the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and unmistakeable style.
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Fiat 500X S-Design fittings

500X S-Design: the S&X appeal

A combination of unmistakable style, irresistible charm and breathtaking looks. Your next car combines the Sensuality of the S-Design with the exuberance of the 500X to create the most irresistible sex appeal ever: yours.

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Fiat 500X Urbal Look infotainment technology


High-definition 7" touchscreen display, steering-wheel controls, Bluetooth® hands-free system, Bluetooth® Audio streaming, Uconnect LIVE services, and Uconnect infotainment system preset for Apple CarPlay and compatible with Android Auto.
500X Urban Look offers the top in technology for perfect life on board.

Fiat 500X Urban Look Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is the smartest, safest way to use your iPhone at the wheel. With the key functions and main Apps specifically adapted for CarPlay on your car's screen, you can access navigation info, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music without taking your mind off the road. Siri lets you use your smartphone's main functions by means of voice controls, with the added options of the touchscreen or steering-wheel controls.

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CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
Fiat 500X Urban Look Android Auto

Android Auto™

Android Auto™ makes it easier to access your contents and Apps at the wheel, without putting safety at risk. The user-friendly interface displays your Apps on the 500X Urban Look's screen in easy-to-read pages. Google Maps gives you access to real-time traffic info and much, much more, while the best hands-free technology lets you make calls and send and receive messages without taking your hands off the wheel.

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Android, Android Auto™, Google Play and other trademarks are registered trademarks of Google Inc.
Fiat 500X Urban Look Uconnect live

Uconnect™ LIVE

With the Uconnect LIVE connected services, you will enjoy a new driving experience. Thanks to TomTom LIVE, you will get information on traffic, weather and your route in real time. Furthermore, TuneIn and Deezer music will keep you company, with more than 100,000 Internet radio stations and a music library exceeding 35 million tracks. All this, and the latest news from Reuters.

500X Urban Look offers you leading-edge technology solutions such as the 7" Uconnect radio system with media player with USB and Aux-in ports and high-definition display and, on request, navigation system with Tom Tom 3D maps.

Fiat 500X Urban Look Hi-Fi Beats audio

Hi-Fi Beats™

With the Hi-Fi Beats Audio System, it is easy to free your emotions and turn them into music, on board 500X Urban Look. Its 9 speakers and 500 Watt amplifier offer full-bodied, yet clean sounds.

Mopar Connect Fiat 500X Urban Look

Your car in the palm of your hand

Thanks to innovative technology from MOPAR® CONNECT, you no longer have to worry about anything: you will always know where you parked your car and can check your speed, trips and whether the doors are locked or unlocked, all via your smartphone. And push notifications mean that you will never run the risk of forgetting anything in the vehicle.


Fiat 500X Urban Look Keyless

Keyless Entry/ Keyless Go

Thanks to Keyless technology, you can get in and out of your 500X Urban Look and even start it up, by simply keeping your key in your pocket.
500X Urban Look bi-xenon headlamps

Automatic headlights and beams, Bi-Xenon headlamps

Better visibility is guaranteed by active systems that automatically switch lights on and off with changing light conditions and adjust beam lights with changing traffic. All maximised by the Xenon technology that gives clearer lighting because it is more similar to normal vision conditions for the human eye.