Choose your power. 500X offers a line-up of engines to meet every driver's needs. Choose from a responsive petrol engine or the all-new HYBRID, featuring a 1.5L turbocharged petrol engine and a 48V electric motor.


    The latest in Fiat's path to electrification. The 1.5L GSE T4 engine, capable of producing 130 HP, is paired with a 48V, 15 kW e-motor and a 12V Belt Starter generator for a quieter, more powerful and eco-friendly driving experience. Combined with an all-new 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, enjoy a smooth ride that reduces CO2 emission and fuel consumption by up to 11%*. No recharging is necessary, and you can still take advantage of a wide range of unique hybrid features. Plus, you can gain access to LTZ areas** and receive tax exemption where available, all this by driving in a more fun and responsible way.

    *Compared to the 1.3 T4 gasoline engine

    **This does not apply to every city, it may vary according to different municipalities


    Part of the FireFly family petrol engines, the 1.0L GSE T3 turbocharged engine delivers 120 HP and a whole lot of fun. It is highly responsive and efficient, plus fully compliant with Euro E6D-Final, to make sure you travel with peace of mind on the road.  
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