Connect your smartphone to your new (500X)RED and enjoy the things you love the most: discover its UconnectTM 7’’ HD touchscreen radio.



    Thanks to Apple CarPlay support, you can simply connect your iPhone to the Uconnect™ 7” HD display to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to Apple Music, audiobooks or podcasts while staying focused on the road. You can control CarPlay with Siri Voice control or the touchscreen.

    CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trademarks of Apple inc.

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    (500X)RED is compatible with Android Auto. Connect your smartphone and manage maps, music, contacts, and more, without putting safety at risk. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, your apps will appear on the Uconnect™ 7” HD display organized into easy-to-read pages. Available as optional.

    Google, Google Play and Android Auto are trademarks of Google LLC.

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    By selecting one of the (FIAT)RED Family models, you make a significant choice.

    Enjoy a special welcome kit at the time of the vehicle’s delivery:
    • Specific car key cover
    • Customized dispenser*

    *Alcohol-based solutions cannot be stored in this dispenser, whenever used inside the car. In any case, use of alcohol-based solutions stored in this dispenser is made under your full responsibility.


    By choosing the Fiat (500)RED Family, you will have the opportunity to add the accessory 500 Iride, the eScooter powered by Mopar®, inspired by 500's iconic design.

    A perfect solution for emission-free urban mobility:

    • Agile and easy to handle
    • Recharge in 4,5 hours, with a range of autonomy up to 30 km
    • Max speed 25 km/h*
    • 10” air chamber wheels, shock absorber, wide deck, and telescopic stem
    • Dedicated 500 Iride app to monitor, share, and set functionalities directly from your smartphone, compatible with iOS and Android Compatible avec iOS et Android.

    *The maximum speed and use of the eScooter can change according to specific Countries’ speed limits and traffic regulations. Always observe traffic code regulation.
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