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Performances and safety

Brake Control is the system that uses radar sensors and videos to detect when the speed of 500X Off-Road Look is too high compared with the vehicle in front, so reducing the risk of collisions. If the driver fails to act, the system automatically activates the brakes to avoid a collision or at least limit the consequences.

Fiat 500X Off-Road Look brake control

With 500X Off-Road Look blind spots are no longer a problem; the system checks for the presence of vehicles in critical positions, even in reverse mode, and warns you with a blinking light on the outer rear view mirrors and an acoustic warning.

500X Off-Road Look blind spot assist

The 500X Off-Road Look System looks after you while you drive: if you start changing lanes inadvertently without using your indicators, a warning appears on the dashboard and the steering wheel pulls in the opposite direction.

Fiat 500X Off-Road Look lane assist

In 500X Off-Road Look passive safety is at the highest levels, with 6 airbags: at the front on the sides and curtain.

Fiat 500X Off-Road Look 6 airbags

Assistance during every manoeuvre with 500X Off-Road Look and the Rear Cross Path Detection technology which signals when it is safe for you to reverse out of a car park, even when visibility is poor.

Fiat 500X Off-Road Look rear view camera

The Adaptive Cruise Control technology, available on request on 500X Off-Road Look, allows you to set the cruising speed of your car and maintain it automatically until the end of the journey. Thanks to a radar assembled at the front of the vehicle, the system is also capable of detecting the presence of objects, vehicles or heavier traffic in the same lane, automatically slowing down and maintaining a greater stopping distance from the vehicle in front.

Fiat 500X Off-Road Look Adaptive Cruise Control

The body is made of high strength steel and presents extraordinary torsional rigidity, plus the sophisticated 4 wheel MacPherson suspension system, 500X Off-Road Look provides extreme levels of road-holding and driving pleasure. Both on and off-road.

500X Off-Road Look body and suspension system
500X Off-Road Look allows you to select your driving mode, based on the requirements of the journey you are about to embark on.

Auto: optimises the comfort and consumption of 500X Off-Road Look
Sport is suitable for a more fluid driving style
Traction optimised for tackling slippery, rough terrain, it uses 4x2 drive with Traction plus or 4x4 drive to guarantee maximum traction.

*Not available on the 1.6 e-TorQ and 1.3 MultiJet engines
500X Off-Road Look drive mode selector

500X Off-Road Look is equipped with electronic stability control, accompanied by all the latest technologies, such as ASR/MSR, Hill Holder, ABS+EBD, DST and ERM.

500X Off-Road Look ESC On-the-road performance