New 500X Mirror

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Uconnect Fiat 500L Mirror

Uconnect 7’’ HD LIVE

Innovation is being able to control everything with a single finger. And with the Uconnect 7'' HD Live system, you can easily connect your smartphone to your car and manage music, apps, contacts and maps easily and intuitively, without any distraction.

Mopar® Map Care

Apple CarPlay

Always keeps up with the latest phone models. Apple CarPlay lets you use your latest generation iPhone wherever and whenever you want. Connecting is very simple and using apps via Uconnect is even easier.

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CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

TFT Fiat 500L Mirror

Android Auto

Live smart any time, anywhere. With Android Auto, which is compatible with the latest smartphones, your apps will appear in a simple and intuitive interface on the 500X Mirror display, organised into easy-to-read pages.

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Android, Android Auto, Google Play and other trademarks are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

Apple CarPlay Fiat 500L

Mopar® Map Care

How many new roads will there be tomorrow? With Mopar® Map Care, the navigation service from Mopar® (free for the first three years), you receive constant updates on all itineraries, so you can always choose the right route.
Android Auto Fiat 500L Mirror


The cars of tomorrow will communicate with you. But don’t wait for tomorrow: with Mopar® CONNECT you can check your car’s status directly from your smartphone: find out whether the doors are locked, how fast you’ve been driving and even where you parked the car.
In addition, the new 500X Mirror alerts you with push notifications if you left something behind in the vehicle.
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