Performances and safety

Top-level passive safety

No-one takes care of your family like the 500L family. That's why we fit up to 7 airbags.

500L safety airbags

The 500L never gets distracted

Treat yourself to the peace of mind that comes from safe driving, with the Autonomous City Brake system.
Thanks to the front laser sensor, it detects the distance from possible obstacles at speeds up of to 30 km/h, and applies the brakes if necessary, to avoid or mitigate a collision.
The new 500L won't leave you on your own in any situation, especially in city traffic.

500L Autonomous city brake safety

Absolute stability

Drive with peace of mind: you have top-level systems taking care of your family's safety. With the new 500L you'll have full control in emergency situations and on slippery surfaces thanks to electronic stability control (ESC). The system includes ASR/MSR, Hill Holder, ABS, ERM and DST.

500L ESC safety

Got a mountain to climb?

Getting off to a good start is easier with the 500L, even if you have got a mountain to climb, because Hill Holder stops you rolling back as you let the clutch in.

500L Hill Holder handling

Everything under control

The 500L always lends a helping hand: that's why it has Dynamic Steering Torque (DST) to improve handling by actively prompting the right steering response.

500L DST handling

Safety in every situation

Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM) is a state-of-the-art system that helps take care of your safety by recognising rollover risk and stopping it happening.

500L ERM handling
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