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Performances and safety

500% safe

Count on it: this is the 500C, the compact convertible that has its passengers at heart. Your safety and that of your friends and family are assured thanks to 7 standard front and side airbags.

Fiat 500C airbags

Always in control

Drive with peace of mind: with the 500C you have total control even during emergency manoeuvres or on slippery surfaces, thanks to ESC stability control with ABS and Hill Holder.

Fiat 500C ESC safety

Straight out of the blocks

Worried about hill starts? Pulling away smoothly is even easier with the 500C, including on inclines, thanks to the Hill Holder function, which helps by preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards.

Fiat 500C Hill Holder

The city car that brakes for you

If you need to stop quickly, the HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assistance) system in the 500C boosts the emergency braking power, while the Hazard device automatically activates the hazard lights. Whether it's a horse in the road or the driver in front stopping unexpectedly, the 500C helps you to brake in time.

Fiat 500C HBA Hazard