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Performances and safety

500% safe

You can count on it: it’s 500C, the compact cabrio that has its passengers at heart. For you, for your friends and family, safety is ensured thanks to the 7 standard front and side airbags.

Fiat 500C airbags

It never loses control

A relaxing driving experience: with 500C you will have full control over your vehicle, even when making emergency manoeuvres or on slippery surfaces thanks to the ESC stability control, which includes ABS and ASR that help you to set off and brake on difficult ground.

Fiat 500C ESC safety

Enjoy your trip. 500 will take care of the speed.

In 500C, if you set the maximum driving speed, you will be sure never to overstep the limit during the entire journey. All thanks to the Speed Limiter, a command just below the steering wheel, which allows you to establish the speed when you set off and ensures you don’t exceed it as you go.

Fiat 500C ESC safety

Sun, wind, cruising.

500C also adds Cruise Control to its list of features: the technology that also allows you to set the cruising speed of your vehicle. In this way, you can glide along at the same speed, and driving will be child’s play.

Fiat 500C ESC safety

Going up? No worries

Worried about hill starts? Aggressive starts are even easier with 500C, even on hills, thanks to the Hill Holder function, which helps by preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards.

Fiat 500C Hill Holder

One up on sharp braking motions

If you’re forced to brake sharply, the HBA system of 500C supplies more power to the emergency braking function and the Hazard device automatically activates the hazard indicators. Whether it’s a horse in the middle of the road, or another driver braking suddenly in front of you, 500C brakes for you.

Fiat 500C HBA Hazard

Singing in the rain

The rain and the way the light changes will no longer bother you. The sensor picks up on the reduction in light and the headlights come on automatically. Instead, in case of rain, it activates the windscreen wipers. You can just keep on whistling.

Fiat 500C Hill Holder