Performances and safety

500% safe

Count on it: this is the Fiat 500, the compact car that has its passengers at heart. Your safety and that of your friends and family are assured thanks to 7 airbags: driver and passenger airbags, side airbags, window airbags and driver’s knee airbag.

Fiat 500 airbags

Always in control

Drive with peace of mind: with the Fiat 500 you have total control even during emergency manoeuvres or on slippery surfaces, thanks to ABS and ESC stability control with Hill Holder.

Fiat 500 ESC safety

Exceed style. Not limits.

With 500, technology always means also safety: set your maximal speed limit directly from the steering wheel. The Speed Limiter will alert you whenever you’ll exceed it.

Fiat 500 ESC safety

Drive relaxed

The advanced Cruise Control technology all at your service. Set your cruise speed before starting your trip. 500 will help you to keep it during the entire route. So you will drive always relaxed even during the longest journeys.

Fiat 500 ESC safety

Climb? Go easy

Afraid of climbs? Starting with grit is easier with 500, thanks to the Hill Holder, which makes your job easier by preventing the vehicle from moving backwards.

Fiat 500 Hill Holder

Singing in the rain

Rain or light changes are no longer your problem. The sensor detects the luminous sag alone and switches the lights on automatically. In the event of rain, instead, it activates the windscreen wipers. You can continue whistling.

Fiat 500 Hill Holder
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