Range and batteries charging


Up to 320 km on the Combined Circle and even further on Urban Cycle. Discover the New 500 Electric’s maximum range and driving modes.

Charging the Battery

You can charge the New 500 Electric both at home and at more than 140,000 public charging points in Europe.

My easy Charge

This service allows you to search and use public charging stations. Access is granted with an App or a card, which can be requested by registering.

My easyWallbox

A bluetooth-based control app for the easyWallbox allowing you to start or delay a recharge session, browse the charging history, and configure the wallbox.

The optional easyWallbox has been designed exclusively for FCA to create your personal charging point at home. All set with the "Plug & Play" technology which requires no professional installation and a Bluetooth connection, for settings and checking operating parameters ). The easyWallbox has a Dynamic Power Management (DPM) sensor to prevent blackouts in the house and if you upgrade up to 7.4kW (with a professional installation), the all new 500 «la Prima» hatchback will recharge in in less than 4 hours*.

*charging times 15-80% SoC.
The Connected Wallbox is the advanced home charging solution which features remote connectivity and can also work with three phase connection, up to 11kW. With the Connected Wallbox you can start and control charging sessions via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G/3G, know who is using the wallbox, schedule charging to optimize costs and much more. Installation services are provided by FCA through its selected partner.
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