Electric mobility Apps


Discover all the advantages of an electric car with Fiat GOe LIVE app, tracking the driving behavior of any car and comparing it to the New Fiat 500. Estimate the cost of each trip and find out the total savings you could get with the New Fiat 500.

FIAT app

The Fiat app is the New 500’s companion and they are always connected, so you can monitor and manage the main following car’s features any time.
From the FIAT app you can also manage all your charging services by directly accessing the My easy Charge and My easyWallbox apps. And thanks to the integration of KIRI, you can also check the KIRI Coins you have collected by driving the New 500 and access to KIRI portal to spend your reward immediately choosing among sustainable products.

My easy Charge

This service allows you to search and use public charging stations. Access is granted with the App or a card, which can be requested by registering.

My easyWallbox

A bluetooth-based control app for the easyWallbox allowing you to start or delay a recharge session, browse the charging history, and configure the wallbox.

Fiat Link & Drive
Discover the power the ease of use with Fiat Link & Drive app, available on the new 500 Action trim, and enjoy a whole new driving experience through your smart devices.
Your favorite music, your routes, and all the other features you care about will be always at your fingertips.
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