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Performances and safety

The overprotective soul of the family

The passenger compartment features controlled crumple zones to absorb the energy of collisions only in specifically studied points, while the doors are designed not to open accidentally on impact.

Fiat Doblò safety

Enviable passive safety

The Doblò features a total of 4 airbags. The side airbags are designed to protect the head, chest and pelvis of passengers in the event of side-on collisions.

Fiat Doblò safety airbags

Drive in total safety

Maximum active safety is assured by the ESC electronic stability system complete with ABS + EBD, which control the vehicle even in the event of sudden braking.

Fiat Doblò auto ESC safety

Not even hills will hold you back

Travelling on unfamiliar roads is even easier with the Hill Holder system, which helps you during hill starts by preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards.

Fiat Doblò Hill Holder

Complete protection

Your Doblò is even more secure with Dead Lock: a convenient feature that even protects against car theft. When the Doblò is locked, the interior door handles will not work and the doors cannot be opened, even if the windows are broken.

Fiat Qubo automatic door closure
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