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City Car: small car, great experiences.

Are you looking for a car that can run smoothly in the city, while still maintaining an impeccable style? Then the city car is the one for you. As the name suggests, the city car is a small car, perfect for urban life and dealing with traffic, especially when it comes to the common problem of finding a parking space. Today, the city car market covers the largest segment in the entire automobile industry, because car manufacturers have realised that people want to drive easily around the city with all the necessary comforts. Firstly, if you’re thinking about switching to a city car, you need to understand its greatest strengths, by analysing which utilitarian vehicles are the most popular. Here’s a list of good reasons why you should choose a city car: 
When you’re on the move many times a day and need to find a parking space, a smaller car can fit into smaller spaces. 
City cars consume less fuel because they have a more efficient engine than ordinary cars. 
They cost less, leaving more room for optional extras, because city cars are more accessible that other cars.

Four-wheeled freedom.

The dream of every car owner is always the same: to get around the city easily and comfortably. And a city car perfectly responds to this need. They are small cars that are ideal for city traffic and, because of their compact size, they can help drivers overcome the parking problems common in big cities.
The term “city car” is a relatively new word, which was coined at the beginning of the 80s to name a category of vehicles that are perfect for navigating the busy city streets.
 Unlike other cars, city cars are specifically designed for driving freely in the city and tackling the daily challenges of the "urban jungle", without the usual parking issuess. They are also easier on the pocket because they are lower in price than ordinary cars.
Without a doubt, Fiat's most popular small car is the New Fiat 500: the city car par excellence, with an exclusive and unique design, that can be customised with a wide range of colours and interiors. Then there’s the New Fiat Punto, with its fun, simple style and essential, dynamic lines.
Economic and reliable, the City Car is and will remain one of the best cars to explore the city in style and comfort.

A small, big choice.

The advantages of a city car are the practicality of urban driving, reduced fuel consumption and ease-of-handling. Driving in a city car means being able to finally enjoy the city without the usual mobility issues. The city car is perfect people who are frequently on the move throughout the day and it also increases your chances of finding a parking space. In fact, a small car can move more easily from one part of the city to another and manoeuvre between the other, larger, bulkier cars. Another reason to opt for a city car is the low fuel consumption because the smaller the car, the smaller the engine. Cost is also one of the main advantages of this utilaitarian vehicle, especially when people are still deciding which car to buy and how much they can afford to spend. The small car can also be an excellent choice for a novice driver, who wants to get about easily at a reasonable cost.  City cars are especially appreciated by people who prefer to spend a modest sum on the car so they can focus on the optional extras and customistions, as well as having the possibility to move more freely around the city.

City car VS city car

If you are looking for the best city car on the market, you need to compare them to find which one is most suitable for your needs. Without doubt, the New 500 is one of the most famous and iconic city cars. It’s style is its strong point, also thanks to the elegant chrome details of the 500 Star and the sportiness of the matt black 500 Rockstar. And, with a good 13 exterior colours to choose from, the 500 always knows how to adapt to your style and stand out on the city streets. 
On the other hand, the Panda, is the original, fun and ingenious car, which amazes with its slender design, iconic profile and 15" wheels. The steering wheel comes in a new look with leather upholstery in a burnished or titanium finish, and 14 storage compartments, specificallyt designed to ensure there’s space for everything in the Panda. 
With the New 500 and Panda, you can move freely around the city with less parking problems, leaving you with more time to make the most of all the good things urban life has to offer. 

What is the most suitable motorization?

You have decided to buy a City Car, but now you have to choose the most suitable engine. Which one’s the best to choose? Diesel, Petrol, Electric, LPG, Methane or Hybrid? The choice depends on you and your needs. 
If you don’t travel a lot, it’s probably better to go for a petrol-powered model. The good energy yeld makes it the ideal choice for people who don’t have to make long journeys. 
The advantage of LPG is the price. It costs about half the price of gasoline and diesel. However, its energy yield is low, and it often consumes much more than a petrol engine.
The price of methane is about two-thirds less than petrol, but it has the best energy yield of all, even compared to diesel. 
A hybrid car is a machine equipped with an internal combustion engine (diesel or petrol), combined with an electric motor. There is a lot of talk about hybrid cars, and they are seen as the cars of the future, although their prices are still very high.


A city car icon par excellence. Elegant and stylish like a star, bold and sporty like a Rockstar. Experience style to the full, with the White Star look of the New 500 Star or the Green Portofino finish of the 500 Rockstar. The 500 is more than just sparkling: it's brilliant.


The 500 always aims high. And now it wants you to see the beauty of the skies with the new convertible version of the 500 Star and Rockstar. Two, new, rising stars with an incredible look. Be enchanted by the White Star colour of the 500 Star or experience the boldness of the Rockstar's Green Portofino finish.


Original, ingenious and surprising. Panda is the car that knows how to evolve with the times, while always staying the same. Discover its fun and captivating style, with the slender rear profile, headlights, broad selection of modern and dynamic colours, tonal bumpers and 15" alloy wheels.

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