The all new 500 Icon cabrio is embedded with a full range of state-of-the-art connectivity features, both onboard and offboard, including a brand new mobile application. The FIAT app lets you manage the new 500 anytime and anywhere. Discover all the features.


    My eCharge allows the all new 500 Icon cabrio users to enter a world of services for the management of the electric charge. With the FIAT app you can easily find public charging stations nearby and access features for charging, payments and track charging history. At home you can quickly access your private Wallbox and, thanks to the remote management, get the most out of your connected Wallbox.


    My Assistant keeps you safer wherever you go. The all new 500 Icon cabrio is able to make emergency calls through a ceiling light*, to contact a dedicated assistant or to request roadside assistance, directly from the vehicle’s touchscreen or through the FIAT app.

    * The emergency call is not available from the vehicle’s touchscreen or through the FIAT app


    With My Remote you can locate the position of the all new 500 Icon cabrio directly from your smartphone. And that’s not all. From the mobile app you can also lock and unlock the doors and check the charging level and schedule the Air Conditioning and the vehicle charging. Moreover, with the voice assistance service “At-Home Digital Assistant” you can interact with your all New 500 remotely.

    MY CAR

    Are you wondering what’s happening under the hood? No worries, with My Car you can have real-time information about the status of your city car. Tire pressure, odometer, maintenance updates: just open the FIAT app or check directly on-board from radio display. The all new 500 Icon cabrio has nothing to hide.


    Reaching your destination has never been so easy. With My Navigation you can share the destination from your FIAT app and your vehicle with a simple tap. The infotainment display of your all new 500 Icon cabrio instantly shows your destination, with live traffic, weather updates, speed cameras notifications and point of charge. Your maps are always updated “over the air” with a seamless frictionless experience.

    MY WI-FI

    Keep in touch with your digital world thanks to Alexa Voice Service* available on board of your New 500. Talk to Alexa to play music, listen to news, check the weather, find places and get directions, manage smart home devices and more. To use Alexa Voice Service, remind to activate the Wi-Fi hotspot offered by Ubigi which also allows you to connect up to 8 devices at the same time.

    *This service is available in Italian. Available in other languages (English, French, German and Spanish) at the beginning of 2021.
    Alexa Voice Service built-in is available in the following countries: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and Austria.
    Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Only available on Radio Uconnect 10,25’ with Nav. Radio Uconnect 10,25’ with Nav standard on la Prima and Icon trims, optional on Passion trim.


    An eye always wide open on the all new 500 Icon cabrio. In the unlucky case there is a problem on your car, you will instantly receive push notifications on your FIAT app. In case of theft you will be put in contact with an operator and your car will be tracked to help the police rescue it*.

    * My Alert is an optional service on the new 500

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