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The 500 Iride is the perfect solution for urban and emission-free electric mobility. Make your way to the office, or your free time, even more fun. Moreover, your last-mile run will be even faster.

Italian design and a gentle touch
of sustainability.

The 500 Iride is the eScooter that delivers Italian design in its perfect expression.

The name 500 Iride (Iris in English) and the circular lights – located under the handlebars – are inspired by the iconic round headlights of the Fiat 500, but also by the rainbow as the expression in colors of nature’s beauty. The wide footboard, the 10” air chamber tires, shock absorber and an integrated display offer an extra delightful driving experience.

Inspired by the actual New 500 range and designed by Centro Stile Fiat in conjunction with our micro mobility partner Compagnia Ducale, the 500 Iride is now available in 3 colours: Cloud Gray and Celestial Blue – to celebrate the environment – and red to pay tribute to a new brand, the refreshed 500 Family, based on the collaboration between Fiat and (RED) to spread the shared message of care for the environment, for the planet and for its people. New colours will be available soon.

500 Iride: a new way to complete your car.

500 Iride is, not only, an accelerator for the last mile movements but it’s also designed to be located and recharged directly in the New 500 trunk thanks to the dedicated carry case, with an optional 12V charger (charger available also stand-alone). The full recharge of the eScooter that will take only less than 1% of your New 500 battery capacity*, but you can also recharge it with a charging cable with domestic socket (included as standard charging option).

The dedicated bag is easily fixable to the trunk to:
  • appropriate straps that can be tied up to the Isofix hooks in the rear seats’ back
  • Velcro base

The specific carry case will allow to easily handle New 500 Iride eScooter, avoid noise while driving and trunk dirtiness.

* Indicative data
Keep safe, even in the last mile.

The 500 Iride is equipped with a safety pack that includes a helmet, high visibility gilet and lock to ensure you experience the same safety level as your New Fiat 500.

The front light assures you with a long-distance visibility (5m) and the rear light blinks when brake (both with motor and mechanical brakes).

To increase the safety, when riding in pedestrian roads you can activate the pedestrian mode functionality. Thanks to the app, it is possible to limit the speed of the eScooter to 6km/h.

Connected to your New 500.
And to your smartphone too.
Manage your 500 Iride directly from your smartphone with the dedicated app 500 Iride. Besides choosing among 4 different driving modes inspired to the ones of the New 500 (Sherpa, Normal,Sport and Pedestrian), you can also set the Cruise Control or check your battery status, autonomy, actual speed, total trip distance and timing, CO2 saving directly on your phone.

Even more, you have a multi-profile to share your 500 Iride with up to 4 people. The first user connecting the eScooter to the APP, is defined as Owner.

With the semi-public sharing feature of the APP (which acts as an electronic key to start the scooter in electric mode), the owner is the only one that can allow the other 4 users to use the eScooter with their own APP personal account.

Technical Features.

Quick, convenient, and portable. The 500 Iride is foldable and weighs only 15 kg, making it easy to carry wherever. Equipped with a 250W motor, the “500 Iride” can be used as a real means of transport to travel independently for up to 30 kilometers, with a top speed subject to local regulations, but of up to 25 km/h. It can be fully recharged in 4.5 hours.

Its wide footboard, the 10” air chamber tires, shock absorber and an integrated display, together with telescopic stem for a better and customized handling, giving you a delightful driving experience.

* The maximum speed could change according to the speed limits and traffic rules of each country.
Choose your accessories and have a good ride.

The 500 Iride comes with a set of branded accessories, also purchasable separately, that make the driving experience more comfortable and safe: helmet, lock and visibility jacket.

The 500 Iride comes with:

  • 2 years warranty
  • direct assistance via APP and dedicated call center
  • technical assistance network
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