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Driving style

Design-enhanced sportiness.


Fiat 124 Spider S-Design Bluetooth radio

A soundtrack for all your trips

Style also depends on what you listen to, and how.
Choose the right music and revel in a top-class experience, thanks to the exclusive Bose System: impeccable DAB Radio sound quality provided by 9 speakers, 4 of them integrated in the head restraints. And never lose your way: trust to the 3D navigator with 7" touchscreen display.
Fiat 124 Spider S-Design full LED headlights

Always in the spotlight.

The 124 Spider S-Design is like a stage or screen star: the right lights are important for her image.
So this car has not just headlights, but the AFSL (Adaptive Front Lighting System), capable of directing the beam of light based on the speed and the radius of the curve. It is integrated with the full LED technology.
Not to mention headlight washers and twilight and rain sensors, for maximum visibility at the wheel at all times.
Fiat 124 Spider S-Design Keyless Go

You decide when to set off

For a sports car, every second gained can be crucial. The 124 Spider S-Design is well aware of this.
You can open the vehicle and start the engine without using a key, as long as you have it with you.
When you have the chance to drive a car like this, there's no time to lose!
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