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Performances and safety

The very best for your safety

A spider with front engine and rear traction requires a specific chassis. 124 Spider Europa relies on high-resistance steel to keep the weight of its structure down, while ensuring rigidity and maximum safety.

Fiat 124 Spider Europa bodywork safety

Energy distribution for your protection

The finest materials are not sufficient to ensure excellent shock absorption. The layout and design of the body must also be structured with multiple loads to ensure optimum absorption and the best energy distribution.

Fiat 124 Spider Europa bodywork safety

Optimum distribution of weight

Longitudinal front engine, gearbox, transmission shaft and finally rear differential.
All aligned with the longitudinal axis: the top mechanical system for achieving optimum weight distribution in a spider.

Fiat 124 Spider Europa weight

For the best handling

The geometry of the suspension is that of a true roadster: quadrilateral at the front and multilinkage at the back. For accuracy and a quick response when activated in a curve, holding the road and providing traction on the way out. That overall stability that demands respect.

Fiat 124 Spider Europa suspension
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