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Extreme all-round

Extreme capability. Extreme technology. Extreme safety.
The New Panda 4x4 is ready for anything.




Climb on board

The New Panda 4×4 is the only city car to offer four-wheel drive.

A true all rounder, it’s ready to tackle the bravest mountain trails and the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle with equal gusto.

What is its secret? A “torque on demand” four-wheel drive system that uses two differentials, plus an electronically controlled coupling that distributes traction to the two axles uniformly and proportionally.

The New Panda 4×4 guarantees genuine off-road ability and, thanks to the function provided by the Electronic Locking Differential system, is able to handle the toughest terrain with ease. Only your sense of adventure is the limit.

ELD at the touch of a button

When the going gets tough, the New Panda 4×4 gets going.

On surfaces with poor grip or in extreme conditions, the ELD system can be activated from the comfort of the driver’s seat. One press of a button and you can lock the front and rear axles to optimise the car’s traction in even the harshest conditions.

Tough roads? There’s no such thing with the new Panda 4×4.



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Supreme safety as standard

Whatever the road ahead has in store, you can be confident that the Panda 4x4 offers supreme safety standards.
The ESP (Electronic Stability Program) allows you to travel with peace of mind and the utmost stability, whatever the conditions. At the same time you also have the ABS system with enhanced performance levels, ensuring you have complete control of the car, even when braking suddenly.
And to top it all off: driver airbag, passenger airbag and window airbags come as standard.
The new Panda 4×4 gives you all the safety you need - and more.


 control of the car even in the event of sudden braking


helps you stay on track in emergency situations


prevents the slipping of the front wheels during acceleration and deceleration


Electronic Locking Differential optimises car pick-up when road grip is poor


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Which countries is this model available in? 

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