500L Tour: new European stages after the success in Italy

Monday, November 19, 2012

Forty-five days, nine stages and four European countries to introduce the new "City Lounge" that combines the iconic style of 500 and the functionality of Made in Fiat design, and to invite visitors to test it on the road.

Over one thousand test drives were organised and about 6300 visitors interested in an appointment at dealers during the Italian sessions of the tour staged at McArthur Glen Design Outlets.    

The Fiat 500L Tour will continue in France (in Troyes from 23 to 27 October), Germany (in Elstal from 1 to 5 November, in Neumunster from 8 to 13 November) and Austria (in Parndorf from 16 to 21 November).

Particularly appreciated were the passenger room inside, the many seat configurations and the modularity of the boot, in addition to superb visibility, safety and excellent performance on the road with its three engines: 0.9 TwinAir (105 HP), 1.4 litre (95 HP) and 1.3 MultiJet II (85 HP).

The travelling showroom is also the ideal opportunity to get a close look at the "Opening Edition" limited edition version, which has been so successful to date.

The first stage of the Fiat 500L Tour has ended successfully. After Italy, the travelling showroom will be crossing France, Germany and Austria in 45 days and nine stages to introduce the new car that combines the iconic style of the 500 and the functionality of Made in Fiat design and to invite a vast, varied audience to test it on the road. The "City Lounge", as the car has been dubbed, is the result of a very special alchemy. It is a new city car concept that redefines the compact category for the modern family in an emotional vein by expanding on a few styling features of the 500 in unprecedented forms.

After setting off on 12 September from Serravalle Scrivia (Alessandria), the Italian sessions continued at Noventa di Piave (near Venice), Barberino del Mugello (near Florence), Castel Romano (near Rome) and ended on 14 October in Marcianise (Caserta). The Fiat 500L Tour is now preparing to go abroad and will be stopping at Troyes (France, 23-27 October), Elstal (Germany, 1-5 November), Neumunster (Germany, 8-9-10-12-13 November) and will end at Parndorf (Austria, 16-17-19-20-21 November).

The five stages stopped at five McArthur Glen Design Outlets, high-attraction locations chosen to host the Fiat 500L temporary showroom. The public admired the new car close up and could test it on the road. Over one thousand test drives were organised during the five stops. Visitors were particularly interested in the room inside the car, the seat configuration options and the modular boot with Cargo Magic Space, in addition to visibility, safety and quality of the interiors.

The onboard infotelematic systems were also admired, like the sophisticated UConnect multimedia system with 5" touchscreen and the technological solutions designed to satisfy real needs of everyday mobility and the rising social sensitivity towards environmental issues. Further proof of the latter focus is the three-engine range distinguished by low polluting emissions and CO2 levels, which correspond to real economic benefits in everyday use for customers: two petrol engines (95 HP 1.4 litres and 105 HP 0.9 TwinAir) and one turbodiesel (85 HP 1.3 MultiJet II) engine.

The 500L "Opening Edition", a limited edition version offered at promotional price of 17,150 euros (1.4 litre, 95 HP petrol engine) or 19,350 euros (with 1.3 MultiJet II, 85 HP turbo diesel engine), attracted many favourable comments. The version packs a number of additional optional features  for a total value of 2500 euros, such as two-tone white body with black roof, rear parking sensors and UConnect CD-MP3 touchscreen radio with Bluetooth audio streaming, USB port and AUX socket.

With the contribution of five prestigious partners - Italia Independent, Lavazza, Meritalia, Smeg and San Pellegrino, which all share the values of Italian design, innovation and style - the 500L tour offers a very engaging brand experience.  Indeed, the attraction of the model resides not only in the typical features of the product which are well-known and appreciated by the specialised press and consumers alike, but also in the additional values which it conveys. In this sense, the communication and marketing strategies must also express concepts of Italian style and innovation.

Finally, the Fiat 500L Tour has attracted many visitors to the fiat.it website and social network channels where the videos and photographs of each stage have been posted. Five videos have been viewed 6000 times on YouTube, hundreds of "Likes" have been expressed on Facebook and the 60 posted photographs taken in the travelling showroom have been viewed 3000 times on Flickr.

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