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The 2.0 20-valve 220 HP turbo engine makes the Fiat Coupé the fastest front wheel drive car ever produced by Fiat, with the 6-speed version capable of going from 0-100 km/h in just 6.3 seconds.

The roar

of adrenaline

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Attractive, fast,


From 9 May 1993, yours from 37,700,000 Lire.

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Sports style inside

The Fiat Coupé's flatbed is based on the VSS type 2 design, meaning it has the characteristics required for the installation of particularly powerful engines. And that's how we transformed your city into a race track.

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your seatbelts

Fiat Coupé 20 V Limited Edition: 6-speed gearbox, powerful Brembo braking system, full-scale speedometer display up to 280 km/h, Recaro sports seats. Feel like a racing driver.

Model of the year

The Fiat Coupé Turbo Model of the Year 1999 is ready to steal Italy's heart.

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Designed by Chris Bangle and the Fiat Style Centre, with interiors by Pininfarina, the Fiat Coupé is the perfect balance of style, sportiness and character.


with style

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