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is still my name

Because my front end looks just like Topolino, the Disney cartoon character known all over the world as Mickey Mouse.

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Yours for 9,900 Lire

Fiat Topolino 500A. Offer valid until December 1936.

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compact outside

On-board the Topolino you will find all of the comfort of ample space contained in a compact mini.

ciao ciao topolino

In January 1955, at Fiat Mirafiori's factory 17, the final example of the Fiat 500 Topolino came off the line. Underneath its bonnet, an unknown author wrote a closing poem.

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The Topolino in one of its cabriolet versions.

Italy, uncovered

Munaretto and Santon drove the Mille Miglia on-board a Topolino type A.

Ready, steady, go!

Convertible, family sized,


The Topolino in its cabriolet, or convertible, version, and its family version, known as the “Giardinetta Belvedere” of 1948; the first station wagon build for mass production.

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