500c: dressed to make you fall in love, undressed to seduce you

The style of the past, the passion of the present, and the sun ahead.




Tinted windows and rear window


Chrome trim on the bonnet


16" alloy wheels


Painted bumper strips


look at my b-side...

The rear view of the 500C is perhaps the most characteristic part of its unique, original style.

The rounded shape of its rear window and the spoiler installed on the soft top are beautiful, functional designer items and are some of the best expressions of Italian style.

...and give me a smile

Impossible to overlook its originality, its friendly lines, its bright chrome-plated elements, its quintessentially Italian character: so 500C.



460/380 image

460/380 image

460/380 image

delightfully comfortable

Above the roof, the sky, below it, comfort.


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