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        growing up but staying young

        Love colour, smile at people,
experience new emotions.
It's all grown up, but its style is the same as ever.










        Rear light cluster


        A spacious loft with a breathtaking view

        Enveloped by huge windows, the 500L offers you the finest view of the world outside. The band of windows surrounding it reduces blind spots and lets an enormous amount of light enter to illuminate the interior in perfect 500 style. The panoramic roof completes the work, giving whoever is riding in the 500L the widest sky view in its category.

        spacius loft img
        evolution of an icon img

        The evolution of an icon

        The 500L brings added protection and comfort to the 500's traditional features. The barely sloping windscreen and two-piece knuckle increase room and visibility for the passengers, and leave the driver feeling very safe.

        One tone or two red

        One tone or two? You choose

        With 11 colours for the body, 2 more for the roof and 3 for the rims, the 500L is the car that offers more customisation than any other in its category.

        One tone or two white


        5 roller suitcases + 5 people = the trip of your dreams

        The 500L is the roomiest car in its category. Just 4.1 metres long, it has a 400-litre boot and lets you carry objects up to 2.4 metres long with you.

A large family, a five-a-side football team or lifelong friends? The 500L will give your passions and your loved ones a hearty welcome, just like in an extended family.

        5 trolley img trunk
        5 trolley img 2
        relax there's the 500L img

        relax, there's the 500L

        Every 500L seat can be configured in 8 different ways, for a total of over 1500 possible combinations.  
The passenger seat, with its folding backrest, transforms into a handy table inside your car, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee, doing homework or playing cards.
Your four-wheel loft is extremely versatile, with plenty of room to spread out - it's up to you how you use it.

        everything in its space img1

        everything in its place

        With its 22 storage compartments, on board the 500L, you can have everything you need within arm's reach. Whether it is a laptop or a phone, a bottle of water or an umbrella, there is room for everything and everyone on board the 500L.

        everything in its place img2


        With the new Lavazza 500 Espresso Experience available on the 500L, there is place enough for the real Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine. It is perfectly integrated inside the car and will allow you to enjoy the best Italian espresso in complete safety, each time you’ll want.

        500L design lavazza

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