Smile, you're on 500

After 50 years, we wanted to bring you an irresistible, unmistakeable, unforgettable dream. And so we called it the 500 again.




Body colour dashboard


Circular upper headlights


16" alloy wheels


Three-coat paintwork


Beautiful like the sun

Large glazed surfaces and a Skydome sun roof fill it with light.

Original, rounded shapes make it unmistakably friendly. A graceful concentration of Italian design: its style will put a smile back on your face.


Special details

The 500 will surprise you with the little details too: the vintage steering wheel and wheel valve caps are reminiscent of the past, the modern stickers make it part of the future.
And for the present, it has all the looks and class you need, like its sports version 16" alloy wheels.



Take a seat

The Fiat 500 might look like a pretty compact package, but you’ll find that its ergonomic, cleverly designed seats are a very comfy place to be.
It’s even big enough to fit your mates in too.



Welcome home

Super bright, living room style, designer furniture, luxury details. You won't be needing a garage: you'll want to stay in your 500 for ever.


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